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How to clone a hard disk or partition to multiple media


Produkt: Acronis True Image 6.0

Erstellt am Mai 27, 2005

 CDs and DVDs provide two of the most convenient methods of storing backup images off-line. However, in the case of CDs, since each only holds about 700 megabytes of data, partitions and hard disks usually need to be spread over multiple disks. Acronis True Image disk imaging software makes it easy to store your images on CDs or other removable media.

Acronis True Image will divide your partition automatically to fit on CDs or DVDs. Alternatively, you can specify the size of the files your disk or partition will be split into. If you are using CD or DVD, Acronis True Image will tell you when to insert the next disk.

Because you can specify file size, you don't have to write your files to the external media when you create them. Instead, you can store the images on your hard drive in files of the specified size and write them to disk later. Transferring the already-divided and compressed files onto disks is much faster than doing it on the fly. You can take advantage of Acronis True Image's scheduling features to create the image files automatically and then you only need to be at the system to change disks when the files are actually written to the media.

In addition to CDs and DVDs, Acronis True Image software supports hard disks, tape drives (including tape drives when using the Server or Enterprise Server versions), CD-R/RW drives, USB and Firewire (IEEE-1394) storage devices, magneto-optical media, and Iomega products like Jaz and ZIP drives.

When burning an image to a DVD, remember to make sure that you first installed the packet-writing software that came with your DVD drive. You'll need this to first format the DVD.



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