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October 22, 2004

by Dafydd Bevan

Original on the SoftDeko Website

SoftDeko Information Award

Acronis True Image 8.0

Rating: 9/10

...A lot of specialist BackUp programs are in the market place today often offering little more than a strange file extension to a compressed storage file of data. To recover the stored data the same program is needed to open the file. A simpler solution to these types of programs is to store your data as a zip file and place the data on a CD/DVD for easy access. This sentiment flies in the face of all those wanabe programs that claim their's contain specialist encryption or whatever. Users aren't impressed with the inane and neither are reviewers!

Now when a product such as Acronis True Image 8.0 comes up for review — all the "others" should sculk in the shadows. Acronis have brought onto the market a ding dong of a program. Acronis True Image 8.0 produces a self install exe based back up that'll run from disc. The program has the name "Image" and while the term "mirror" or "reflection" might have looked to be suitable they aren't. Acronis True Image doesn't make a reflection of your operating systems or applications, Acronis True Image records an "image" of what's there. Afterall a reflection would only result in an opposite and everything being reversed!

Acronis True Image 8.0 is very easy to use — wizard driven, which makes the whole process so handy and acceptable. Installation was simple and presentation of the program followed XP-styled interface. Icon named selection was quickly understood. In the version reviewed the software pdf guide was excellent with a huge amount of dated readily to hand. While there is plenty of data in the pdf and it had an "active" page index the program lacked a search capable Help file.

The use of the term "images" in the guide pdf could be very confusing for a user. While an image is regarded as a graphic (photo) file the context in which Acronis uses the name reflects more on the process of backing up specified data to an Acronis file type (straight forward exe).

A noteable bit of information for a user is Acronis True Image stores data to any PC storage device, local hard drives, PC card, removable media drives, network drives, recordable CD/DVD, optical, Zip, Jaz drives. To call information from any of these sources makes system recovery a lot easier.

...System crashes are very damaging when backups would have enabled fast recovery. With Acronis True Image the back up can replicate the partitions, the information etc onto a different drive. This is an amazing product and Acronis have themsleves a well thought out backup program ideal for business or home use.

SoftDeko Information Magazine Database rating: Out of 25 per section
Features: 22 — an excellent selection/wizard driven
Performance: 23 — straight forward
Ease of Use: 23 — Wizard driven, exe recovery install file — super!
Value for Money: 23 — certainly $49.99 is a low cost to recover your system.
Overall Rating: 91% Deservedly so — A very impressive BackUp Systems program

Acronis True Image 8.0 receives the SoftDeko Information Magazine Database 5 Dragons "Recommends" Award. As an excellent and highly regarded program.