Bare-metal restore

Bare-metal restore is a form of data recovery which allows users to restore a system from "bare metal", i.e. without any requirements as to previously installed software or operating system.

Testimonials and User Comments

Several month’s ago we began deploying Windows 2000 to a number of our clients. We evaluated several imaging solutions including Microsoft’s RIZ and Powerquest’s Deploycenter and arrived two conclusions: First, that RIZ’s required network cards and other setup was more complex then we wanted. Second, that Deploycenter was way too expensive and extremely top heavy. After doing a search on the Internet, purchasing and using Acronis True Image I am happy to say that the software and your company has exceeded our every expectation — thank you!
During our first deployments, we used Acronis True Image to deploy one software image to many of the same type of machine. We found that it actually didn’t have support for the built-in NIC’s, but your support department was very helpful and we found a quick resolution to the problem. On the second stage of deployment, we were upgrading many machines and we found that by imaging the machines first we could perform upgrades without any risk of data loss. And if an upgrade went totally wrong we could easily restore the original image in about an hour. Now after deploying the machines, we have images of each user’s PC so if anything ever happens we can easily restore it to the way it was on the day we installed Windows 2000.
Acronis True Image is not only a great imaging product it is a great insurance policy! We are going to require that all of our clients purchase at least one copy and keep it on location for our remote support.
So we just wanted to say thanks for making a great product, having great support and making our lives a little easier.

Cullin Wible,
Algorim Technologies, LLC