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Online backup deals

Online backup deals
June 25, 2010
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Online backup is becoming more and more popular

Online backup is becoming more and more popular. With so many people storing their most vital information on their computers, the idea of an automatic backup system is ideal. Acronis – a backup company – have expanded into and on the basic features of cloud online backup.

With Acronis, users get 250 GB of storage space that is easily accessed from any location in the world. Files are on-hand in case of a computer crash, accidental deletion or simply for the convenience of bringing the home computer or office to other locations. Multiple forms of each file are available for backup. In fact, users can download files that are up to 45 days old. Once an update is completed the file is not replaced with a newer version. Instead, the old file remains in the database for 45 days, while the updated version is added to the database. This perk is helpful in the instance a file becomes corrupted.

Acronis quietly works in the background of the computer to save files and data to a secure online storage space as they are updated. Users decide how much bandwidth to allocate to backup; the higher the bandwidth, the quicker files are updated. One account secures backups for up to five computers or laptops – enough for a home or small office. Not only are all computer files saved in a secure online storage space, but Acronis also backs up the entire Windows operating system in case the user needs to restore it too. Users can feel safe backing up information with Acronis too: information is securely stored with government grade 256-bit encryption and is only accessible by the user.

Acronis customers who already run the popular Acronis True Home Image local backup will also be pleased to know that the online backup is compatible with the local backup. All information is accessible under a single interface providing convenience rather than confusion.

Users interested in purchasing Acronis should have a Windows XP operating system or newer. An add-on is available for safety-conscious users who want extra anti-virus, anti-spam and Internet security protection. The product is available for download for $49.95 per year or $4.95 a month, and usually takes only seconds to configure.

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