Solutions for OEMs

Solutions for OEMs

  • Intel

    Acronis solutions give Intel® users powerful and easy to use disk cloning tools to deploy new Intel® Solid State Drives and convert old drives into backup storage devices.

  • Seagate

    The power behind Seagate DiscWizard and other key utilities, Acronis provides advanced technology that adds value and helps Seagate reduce support costs.

  • Western Digital

    Acronis solutions give WD users powerful tools for deploying new disk drives and optimizing hard drive performance. In addition, Acronis utilities add value to Western Digital’s new lines of Hybrid Drives.

  • Buffalo

    Acronis helps Buffalo and users maximize the value of their investment in Buffalo products with a trusted suite of utilities for drive cloning and deployment.

  • Kingston

    Acronis True Image OEM HD allows users of Kingston's SSD drives to quickly, easily and accurately clone their system drive to their new Kingston SSD Drive. This lets the user utilize their new Kingston SSD drive as their system drive while helping the user to redeploy their old system drive as a valuable second or backup drive.

  • Kaseya

    Acronis helps Kaseya deliver wholly Integrated backup and disaster recovery services that help MSPs protect their customers' assets while delivering superior value and reliability.

  • Cisco Systems

    Cisco Systems uses Acronis imaging technologies in manufacturing and as a key component of its customer support cost reduction strategy.

  • McAfee

    McAfee relies on Acronis OEM solutions to reduce support costs and improve reliability for a broad range of security appliances and devices.