Boot record

Boot record is found at the beginning of each logical partition of a hard drive, it contains information about the drive. Boot record on the active or bootable partition contains a start up procedure that boots the operating system.

Testimonials and User Comments

Acronis True Image worked perfectly. My Netware server has a small Dos partiton and a Netware partiton. Other image programs could not deal with the Netware partiton. I used Acronis True Image to image the whole drive. It restored perfectly to a new HD... so I now have a great way to handle backup and disaster recovery. Thanks!
Comments about my experience so far...
1. Thanks for trusting me to buy it if it worked. Most suppliers would just say "buy it, and return it if it doesn't work".
2. I love the way it sees the rest of my network! No need to create network enabled boot disks. I simply shared a drive on another machine and saved the image over the network. Even other Windows machines can't find each other but Acronis True Image can...

John Dolson,