Bootable Disk

Bootable disk is any disk which contains boot files of the operating system and is used to boot a computer.

Testimonials and User Comments

I own Norton Ghost®, Drive Image and now Acronis. There is absolutely no comparison. Acronis wins hands down. It is fast, reliable, works in Windows and can backup to a wide range of media, including DVD. Initially it seemed too good to be true, but over the last year I have used it in lieu of my backup programs, in migrating from an IDE hard drive to a RAID zero system. I am now fearless in messing with my computer since I have full confidence in my ability to turn back the clock. I have convinced many friends to switch to it and their response is the same as mine. Unfortunately, it is not as well known in the U. S. as the vastly inferior Drive Image and the even poorer Norton Ghost®. Thanks for a great program.

Kamal Mustafa