Partitioning definitions. Partitioning is dividing into smaller pieces of resource, which can be hard disk drive



Multi-booting gives the user an alternative to choose one or another operating system installed on the computer.

Testimonials and User Comments

After trying your Acronis True Image, I bought it myself for home use. Another technician convinced his department to buy it because yours was the only product out there that could image a RAID.
I have tested Acronis True Image at home on XP, 2K, Linux and dual-boot systems and, as a result of being so knocked out by the product, am promoting it to technicians and groups as a group/department solution for their imaging needs. Acronis True Image saved my bacon on one particularly thorny problem where two of your better-known competitors wouldn't even recognize the drive to be imaged. On top of that, the native maintenance of file journals when imaging ext3 partitions/drives is a huge boon and time saver as is the built in TCP/IP capability without having to reboot networked target with a dos floppy.
I really appreciate your marketing/licensing scheme as not only fair and equitable but also as a good pattern for the industry as a whole in these down-turn times. It allows "embedded" and independent techs to add a very valuable tool to their arsenals without the threat of bankruptcy or license violation.
Thanks for making a good solid product.

Russ Humphrey