Browser hijackers

Browser hijackers are malicious programs that modify the default start and search pages of web browsers without explicit permission. They can add internet shortcuts to "favorites" folder without asking a user. In some cases, these changes are reversible simply by going into internet options and switching them back, but sometimes it's necessary to edit the windows registry to undo the changes made. Browser hijackers can even store some program modules on the hard drive that modify the browser settings every time the computer is restarted.

Testimonials and User Comments

I'm utterly impressed! This has to be the best piece of software I have come across in many years. I have tried 15 or 20 different imaging software brands in the past several months, including Paragon's Hard Disk Manager, Bootit NG, Norton Ghost®, a couple of PowerQuest's products and several other not so well known products, but without a doubt, whether they worked or not, not a single one can match Acronis True Image 6.0 for proficiency and ease of use.
I use it on a Windows 98 OS and was going to give up ever getting a product that worked as I thought it should – Acronis True Image 6.0 was my final program to test and I almost didn't anyway.
Am I ever glad I did! This is an excellent product – far superior to any I have tested for disk imaging. It is well worth every penny of it's cost, and I have already lined up several more sure sales from people I've spoken with that were waiting to see what I choose.
Thanks for a wonderful piece of software.

Jimmy Beard