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Protect your valuable data from disaster in the most simple and effective way

What if your hard drive failed today? You’re probably thinking, that will never happen to me, like most computer owners. Unfortunately, every computer hard drive will fail, the real question is -- are you prepared for when it does?

When your hard drive fails it will be devastating. Most likely you will lose sensitive financial data, extensive music collections and precious photos. This is why you need to protect yourself before disaster strikes. The most simple and effective tool you need will back up your complete system, including all data and applications, then restore it all in minutes – a drive imaging program. Stop thinking how to burn or take a image of system, with True Image 2013 by Acronis you will already be on your way to successfully image a hard drive.

By using Acronis True Image, drive imaging program, you simply create an image of hard drive at an exact period in time. It makes a byte-by-byte copy of your full hard drive, including all of your data, applications and Windows while maintaining the identical data structure. The image hard drive program can be created on the fly without interrupting your computer use.

Never worry about disk space, Acronis True Image frees up space on all disks during the backup process enabling faster backup speeds to take image of your hard drive. Acronis True Image also allows you to use incremental drive imaging. Incremental drive imaging gives you the control of only making and updated copy of the change data since your last image copy drive. One-touch features like flexible backup schedules allow you to create an image of hard drive with one click.

You may be wondering where to store your image drive or how to burn an image of a hard drive? All of your image hard drive files can be stored in a variety of places, including a USB, CD or DVD, or on a secure Internet site. When your system does eventually fail or becomes corrupt you simple pop in the hard drive image you have been storing of how to burn an image of a hard drive. An image hard drive from failed computer can be used in a new computer as well.

After you take image of your hard drive and are ready to restore your image drive after a disaster you will find using Acronis True Image will always restore your system. You will be able to restore your image copy drive to multiple computers all at the same time. Even if the image hard drive from a failed computer is all you have you will be able to restore it on any computer.

Acronis True Image is easy to use and will guide you with step by step procedures of how to burn or take a image of system. You can access help online or by phone, even sign up for their newsletter.

As you can see if you image a hard drive you will be able to protect your valuable data from disasters in a simple and effective way. Drive imaging is you most convenient and best tool when it comes to backing up your hard drive.

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