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According to the Self Storage Association, there are 2.21 billion square feet of self-storage in the United States alone, or more than seven square feet of storage per U.S. resident. And just as more and more homeowners are looking to store physical goods outside their home, the same holds true for electronic data.

Today’s consumers and businesses are on technology overload with the proliferation of digital cameras, laptops, smart phones, MP3 players, e-readers, etc. Each of these digital devices holds an immense amount of memory-intensive data that needs to be protected. And increasingly, people are recognizing the benefits of protecting and storing that data offsite, making online data storage one of the fastest growing backup methods around.

However, many people are still unaware there is an alternative to local storage options, or may not realize the limitations of onsite backups in the event of fires, floods and theft.

Regardless of whether you are already aware of the benefits of data storage online or not, this article will explain the advantages and walk you through the best way to start an online storage strategy.

Advantages of Online Data Storage

The field of data backup has changed dramatically since businesses first started taking steps to protect their data shortly after the advent of the computer era. From floppy disks to CD’s, Zip drives to external hard drives, partitions to virtualized environments, backup options have changed as quickly as the technology that drives them.

And while traditional onsite storage remains an option, the advantages of offsite, online storage are significant, including:

  • Cost benefits – from saving money spent on compact discs to avoiding the high upfront cost of a dedicated remote data center for your business, online storage is the most cost-effective way to protect your data.
  • Convenience of "set and forget" back-ups – eliminate the risk of human error in forgetting to run a critical backup.
  • Home and office applications – whether you’re looking to protect personal photos, files and financial data or a complete enterprise network there are online disk storage options available.
  • Extra protection – rest assured knowing your data is protected from the risk of physical onsite loss caused by theft, fire, flooding and more.
  • Increased security – backup disks and drives may be more vulnerable to theft, loss or confidential data inadvertently being compromised.
  • Quick and easy data recovery – recover files, folders or entire systems anywhere, anytime.
Getting Started with Online Storage Systems

When looking for an online storage provider, it makes sense to look at what is being offered by the leading backup software manufacturers. For instance, Acronis, which is well known for its True Image backup software, recently debuted two new online storage products: Acronis Cloud for home users and Acronis Backup & Recovery Online which uses Acronis proprietary technology for cloud storage.

Features of Acronis Cloud for Home

With Acronis Cloud, home computer owners can easily manage storage, backup and data recovery. Features include:

  • Safeguard your important data with 250 GB of secure online data protection.
  • Reliable,high-grade government encryption.
  • Protect and backup up to five home computers.
  • Configure automatic, regular data backups through a simple, one-time set up process.
  • Data storage online allows you to access your data and recover any files on an internet-connected computer.
  • Incremental back-ups only back up files that have changes or been added since your last back-up for faster back-up speed and optimized performance.
  • Access and recover files from any point in time within 45 days. If a file is corrupted, go back to a point where it isn’t and work from there.

Features of Acronis Backup & Recovery Online for Business

Businesses can rely on this fast, secure and cost-effective online storage service to protect vital business data. Key features include:

  • Online disk storage to an offsite, secure location protected from disaster or theft.
  • Restore files or complete system images to any server or workstation, eliminating the need to match underlying hardware.
  • Establish and manage online backup policies for workstations and servers and seamlessly integrate with Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 from a single, centralized console.
  • Maximum-level government approved AES-256 encryption for the highest level of data protection possible.

If you weren’t convinced before of the benefits of online storage, hopefully this article opened your eyes to the advantages it offers. Having your data storage online will ensure your data is securely protected and accessible to you even after a disaster hits your home or office. So don’t wait until after disaster strikes and it’s too late; sign up for an online data storage service today.