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You’ve Been Served: Why Offsite Server Backup is the Way to Go
Out of "Site": Why Offsite Server Backup is the Way to Go
Why Online is Right On When Backing Up Your Data
Online Server Backup Solutions for the Home and Office

Data backup technology has come a long way from the early days, shifting from onsite backup methods to options that leverage the power of the Internet and cloud computing. But despite the huge advances in efficiency afforded by the latest technology, many homes and businesses are still skeptical about online backup for servers and individual machines.

Yet with the proliferation of digital devices including cameras, smartphones music players, laptops, netbooks and tablets consumers are generating an extremely high volume of data that cannot be stored and protected solely by your local backup system. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the latest online backup for servers, home machines and even enterprise online backup technologies so you can make an informed decision to best protect your invaluable data.

Why Online?

Not convinced that server backup online is the way to go? Consider the following:

  • External hardware devices have a limited life span. CDs and DVDs are subject to wear and have a high likelihood of failure at some point. Hardware such as USB keys and external hard drives typically only last a couple of years and can be more costly.
  • Relying on a person for backup is risky. In-person backup can mean less frequent backups and relies on people to remember to backup and swap backup tapes and take them to an offsite location. Online server backups automatically monitor files, backing up and protecting them whenever they are changed or whenever a new file is created.
  • External data storage is at risk for natural disaster and security issues. Even in an offsite location, backup tapes can be stolen or destroyed. Think of businesses in New Orleans who stored data in nearby offsite locations and lost both their onsite and offsite data during Hurricane Katrina.
  • Offsite data centers have their drawbacks, too. Using an offsite datacenter to store your backup media can be costly and usually requires delivery of your tapes to that location.

By backing up over the Internet to a secure site using today’s offsite server backup services, businesses eliminate costly tape drives, media and other backup equipment. As a bonus, their backups are already located offsite. Concerned about security? Most online backup resellers and services heavily encrypt user data through all stages of the transaction, from initial on line service backups to file restoration. Offsite server backups are usually replicated to another storage facility, often in a completely separate geographic region.

Comparing Offsite Server Backup Solutions

For home and office PC users searching for an online server backup service to protect their most valuable data, it makes sense to start by looking at those offered by leading companies in data backup. Manufacturer of the well-respected True Image backup software, Acronis offers two options that provide online backup for servers as well as individual home computers:

  • Acronis Cloud offers simple, automated file protection for files, folders and entire hard drives. It was designed to accommodate the needs of the home PC user and protect valuable home-based data, including financial information, family photos and music. The online backup server can be accessed wherever and whenever as long as you are using a PC with Internet connectivity. With Acronis Cloud, you can backup data from up to five computers to the online backup server.
  • Acronis Backup and Recovery Online is an online server backup service designed to accommodate the custom needs of businesses of all sizes, offering options for enterprise customers, workstations, servers and virtual machines. Enterprise online backup supports up to 250 workstations and can store up to one terabyte of data for servers and two terabytes for virtual machines. Acronis Backup and Recovery Online also integrates seamlessly with Acronis Backup and Recovery 10, allowing businesses to manage multiple machines at once and perform centralized online server backup. For high volume customers, an initial seeding uploads your shipped hard drive to an offsite server backup, while conversely Acronis can upload your on line server backup data to a hard drive and ship it to you to expedite large scale data recovery.
Key Features to Look For in an Online Server Backup Service

For home users:

  • Customization. A good service will allow you to customize which information to protect and how often to run a Windows home server backup online.
  • Automatic scheduling. The best services feature a simple one-time set-up that allows you to schedule automatic backups so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to backup.
  • Sufficient storage space. Acronis offers up to 250 GB of online server backup storage, more than the average home user will ever need.
  • Easy recovery. You should be able to quickly access and recover files or an entire hard drive from any point in time, anywhere you have access to an Internet connection.
  • Security. Online server backups should be protected by a high-level encryption so you know your data is safe.
  • Performance. It’s important to find a Windows home server backup online service with adjustable settings so your backup runs invisibly in the background without affecting your system’s performance.
  • Protection for multiple machines. Today’s households often feature multiple computers; make sure you choose a service that protects all of your machines.

For businesses:

  • Centralized management. Busy system administrators should be able to backup online servers and workstations from one centralized console.
  • Cost effectiveness. Smart businesses are looking to shift from upfront capital expenditures to operational costs, so look for server backup online available through an annual subscription fee.
  • Virtualized environment support. Make sure your online server backup service supports today’s technology with agent-less backup and recovery of virtual machines to the cloud.
  • Top-notch security. Look for the highest-level data privacy with government-approved AES-265 encryption.
  • Fast, efficient recovery. A good service will allow you to restore files, folders or an entire server through a centralized management portal.

Acronis Backup Online and Acronis Backup and Recovery Online are designed to provide you with the maximum protection possible for your priceless data. When you are ready to make the switch to online, offsite backup solutions, consider one of these server backup online services to help you achieve your data protection and recovery time objectives.

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