Why You Should Backup Virtual Hosts, Not Just Virtual Machines

Imagine that dark day finally arriving. Your most powerful server — your virtualization host, which runs all the important virtual machines (VMs) in your company — is down. No lights. No fans. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

But, you're ready. You have standby temporary hardware and VM backups. You have everything under control – or do you?

Let's take a closer look.

Here are just some of the steps you need to take to recover your entire system:

1. Connect the hardware
2. Turn on the system
3. Boot the installation CD of your hypervisor
4. Input the network configuration
5. Input the security configuration
6. Install the hypervisor
7. Configure the hypervisor’s network
8. Configure the hypervisor’s storage
9. …
10. Install updates
11. …
27. Install additional software, agents – e.g. antivirus
35. Install the backup software (to recover)
36. Configure the backup software (so it can recover)
37. …
55. Start recovering your VMs
Does this simplified list look complicated? Does it look familiar? Yes, it proably does! It's the list of steps you take if you only backed up your database and not your server, applications, and configuration.

By following this list, it will take hours to recover your systems. And that whole time, it will cost your company money, reduce employee productivity, and impact customer satisfaction.

So, ask yourself: Why am I using technologies that backup only part of my system? The virtualization host is your system and you must back it up — including its configuration and applications. Moreover, it should not take 55+ steps to recover. It should take less than 10.

If your backup software does not back up your host, it is time for a change!

Choose a VMware backup solution that protects your entire environment – including your VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization hosts — not just VMs. The only software that can do that is the forthcoming Acronis Backup 12.

Try it yourself. Check out the beta version of Acronis Backup 12 now and get ready to use backup software that simplifies recovery and saves you time and money.