Weekly Tech Roundup — April 24

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New malware botnets, Ransomware as a Service campaigns, and financial breaches littered the technological landscape last week. But that doesn’t mean the world of tech isn’t going to fight back. Find out what’s being done to combat these emerging threats, and what you can do to protect your data in the meantime in our weekly tech roundup.

Weekly Tech Roundup — April 17

Coffee Blockchain

The good guys had some wins this week, making the digital world a little bit safer. But it seems the world needs balance—new threats popping up in the place of old ones. Luckily, the innovations weren’t all bad (have you heard about a company that is trying to transform the global coffee supply chain with blockchain?) What tech headlines did you miss last week?

Alex Tapscott: Blockchain Will Impact Consumers in Every Industry

Frank Jablonski, Acronis Vice President of Global Product Marketing, talks about blockchain with Alex Tapscott, a co-author of Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World.

Alex Tapscott: Blockchain technology started in the world of financial services, and it’s unsurprising, because in many respects, every part of the industry is due for some form of reinvention. Financial services were really just a start. But what I think blockchain’s lasting legacy will be is the impact that it will have on every single company and the nature of the firm in the future. Because what blockchain does in many respects, is reducing the transaction cost and the need for trust in interactions in business between different entities, whether it’s consumers and companies, or companies and companies, or companies and somebody else. And that’s going to mean a big change to a lot of different industries.

Acronis Consumer Survey Exposed the Need for Effective Defense Against Ransomware

A survey conducted by Acronis in December 2016 exposed the lack of awareness and understanding of the imminent danger presented by ransomware  — an increasingly-pervasive form of malware that encrypts the victim’s files, denying access to them until the user pays an online ransom of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Respondents placed high value on personal data, but were not prepared to pay any ransom in case of an attack.

The survey revealed that while 71 percent of the respondents worry about the safety of their personal data and 41 percent say they cannot afford to lose any of it, 56 percent have no plan for recovering that data if it is lost or held hostage by cyber criminals.

Weekly Tech Roundup: January 16

Weekly Tech Roundup: January 16

Security was a major theme throughout this week’s news cycle. Malicious ransomware attacks increased and their tactics continued to evolve; predictions cast a gloomy outlook on the state of cybersecurity, projecting that data will become increasingly vulnerable as the year continued; and new cybersecurity innovations were set in motion in the hopes of protecting data across many different sectors.

The week was full of tech headlines, but we handpicked some stories we thought might be interesting to you. What did you miss?

Weekly Tech Roundup: January 9

Weekly Tech Roundup: January 9

We’re one week into 2017, but the digital world didn’t take time off for the holiday season. In fact, the new year brought with it major innovations, emerging technologies, and evolving cyber threats that are setting the stage for months to come.  We’ve raked through the big tech stories of the last two weeks to pick out the headlines most interesting to us. What stories did you miss?

Most Popular Articles in 2016

During this year we kept our readers informed about the latest products, innovation, and best practices in backup, data storage, cyber security, and data protection in general. We also talked a lot about our partnership with Scudeira Toro Rosso Formula 1 team. Here are some of our most read articles.

The Blockchain Hype Is Over — but the Future Looks Bright for Early Adopters

The hype around blockchain will continue to weaken in 2017, something we already started to notice in the second half of this year. There is a growing realization that blockchain applications are more complex than the oversimplified view presented to the masses over the last few years.

Weekly Tech Roundup: December 26

Weekly Tech Roundup: December 26

Holiday headlines have dominated the news cycle over the last few weeks, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world stopped. Tech trends are constantly evolving, cybercriminals are finding new ways to wreak havoc, and innovations are paving the way to our technological future. We searched through this week’s biggest tech stories to bring you the ones we found most interesting. Did you catch them all?

Weekly Tech Roundup: December 19

Weekly Tech Roundup: December 19

This week’s biggest tech headlines touch on many different aspects of the industry—from trends in ransomware to data encryption regulations. It’s apparent that the evolving world of tech is getting bigger, and everyone is rushing to keep up with the next big thing — be it a cyber attack, a technological innovation or public outcry.

Here are a handpicked few we found interesting. What did you miss?