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Backup as a Service

Recurring revenue, attractive profit margins, customer retention and the opportunity to grab new business makes turnkey managed file and image Backup as a Service a highly lucrative addition to your services portfolio.


Pay per Use Model – Focus on Margin only

To build a strong, straightforward business case for your service, you need a solution with no entry costs and pay-per-use scalability. You can fully focus on margins. With Backup as a Service Acronis provides a business model supported by Acronis AnyData technology that is an integrated turnkey solution to leverage existing customers and assets of the service provider enabling to provide backup, deployment and disaster recovery as-a-service solutions to their partners and/or end customers. The Acronis Backup as a Service helps you provide a highly customized, complete and reliable solution.

New Generation Cloud – Mature technology

A true Cloud solution for the channel brings three things: 1) It supports the process of singing up Partners & Customers. 2) It fully automates the deployment and management of software functionalities. 3) It contains usage tracking and reporting. And this on all channel levels. On top of that Acronis is all about experience and expertise in backup. Mature technology provided in a Cloud environment.

Cloud & Local Backup in one Solution

Acronis Backup as a Service enables both cloud and local backup in one integrated solution managed by all layers in the channel. It replaces existing delivery models easy and turnkey with no entry barriers. It will reduce you team efforts with 80% or more. Your team will be able to manage 5 times or more customers. You will be able to give your customers a better price for managed backup while getting better margins and more volume.

Bare Metal & File Recovery in one Solution

Almost all existing cloud backup vendors offer file recovery. But file recovery can be done locally as well. Cloud backup is essentially about offside backup. And offside backup is for covering disasters that hits your customers’ infrastructure. In that case recovery to any other infrastructure is needed. Exactly this is what Acronis is famous for. Acronis Backup as a Service provides both image & file recovery in one solution. 

Flexible, Localized Cloud Services

Cloud Technology leverages many economical benefits for both the IT industry and IT users. With cloud you can compete at all places worldwide. Providers need an answer to that by addressing local needs of their customer. That is why Acronis designed Backup as a Service in two flavors:

  • Acronis Hosted Backup as a Service, fully hosted in Acronis secure datacenters in US, Europe or Asia
  • Acronis Hybrid Backup as a Service, enables providers to deploy local storage while using Acronis redundant backup management service

Leverage your own brand. Leverage your own storage. Leverage your own pricing. Using Acronis secure and redundant global Cloud Services. 

Go to Market and Marketing Support

Special webinars

Keep informed of new features and benefits of Acronis Backup as a Service, which will help you to improve your service offerings.

Free access to collateral and sales tools

You can leverage our tools, including whitepapers, contract templates, case studies, and presentations in your own sales and marketing initiatives.

Private label

You can completely private label your solution or benefit from the presence and credibility of Acronis in the market by using the “Powered by Acronis logo”, to show customers your solution is built on a platform they can trust.

Participate in Acronis marketing initiatives

You and your customers will have the opportunity to participate in Acronis press releases, case studies and other marketing initiatives that will help to build your market presence.

Free 30-day trial period

Acronis Backup as a Service provides each new customer a free 30-day trial period to minimize entry barriers for your customer.

Service Provider Support

Acronis provides presales and post sales, service provider support by a designated team of specialists to help you support your customers in all stages of the customer lifecycle.

Tier II technical support is available  24/7/365 free of charge

Eligibility for Acronis Backup as a Service

Providers the Acronis Backup as a Service may be appropriate for include the following

  • Hosted by Acronis: Value Added Resellers, Managed Services Providers, System Integrators

  • Hybrid: Internet Service Providers, Hosting Service Providers, Application Service Providers

  • On Premise: Telecommunications Service Providers, Cable Companies

Acronis recognizes the level of both business and technical expertise that is required to deliver a sustainable hosted Back Up and Disaster Recovery Service. As such, admission to the Acronis Backup as a Service requires that you are able to demonstrate competency from a business and technical perspective. 

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