Master boot record

Master boot record is the first physical sector of a boot device (floppy, hard disk, or CD-ROM, etc.) During the process of booting up the system uses the master boot record of the first device. It usually contains a small program-loader and a disk partition table. The program-loader uses the partition information (or a partition table) stored at the end of the sector to determine which partition is bootable, then attempts to boot from it.

Testimonials and User Comments

I’m really impressed (particularly after my successful hard drive restore) with Acronis True Image 7.0!
Until that happens, everything else is but a mute point and only academic.
Acronis True Image 7.0 is much faster than 6.0 by backing up in 2/3rd’s the previous time with much more data. About 30 GB’s.
Also the quick validation of the archived data in about 1/2 the backup time. This gives me a "warm fuzzy" of the integrity of my backup.
Also the startup access without rescue media that is also restored back to a hard drive partition intact is a neat feature.
One thing that really impressed me with Acronis True Image 6.0 and 7.0, is the ability to also restore files from a virtual drive. A single backup operation for both drive imaging and individual file restorations.
I cannot even conceive a more simple, complete, and reliable protection of system data and software as Acronis True Image accomplishes. Your software was truly enhanced by your Acronis True Image 7.0 release.
It truly is worth the low price charged. It will be very hard for a competitor to top your features without duplicating your unique software design.

Walt Dudek