Master boot record

Master boot record is the first physical sector of a boot device (floppy, hard disk, or CD-ROM, etc.) During the process of booting up the system uses the master boot record of the first device. It usually contains a small program-loader and a disk partition table. The program-loader uses the partition information (or a partition table) stored at the end of the sector to determine which partition is bootable, then attempts to boot from it.

Testimonials and User Comments

Coming from a long background in the computer industry, I give Acronis True Image my highest honor: IT WORKS. Before you think that "rating" is nothing special, think about all of the products you buy and install that function acceptably, but have stability issues, or are slow, or have features that don't really quite work, or aren't intuitive so you never really use them, or whatever. True Image does what it is supposed to do without any drama - and when what it is "supposed to do" is arguably one of the most important things there is - protecting your priceless and unrecoverable data - that is a big deal.

I've used it for a couple years now, and although I've done some tests, thankfully I never needed to restore anything. Recently, our primary computer crashed and died (even with mirrored disks - long story), and the image of the disk that I created every week was all we had left.

I went through the (well-done) documentation and did what it told me to, and was able to access all of our data easily so that we could rebuild our computer. I didn't lose anything whatsoever because I wasn't smart enough to select the right files - I simply created complete images of the hard disk, and it saved everything.

I did lots of research before I decided on this product long ago, and I truly don't think that any competitive products even come close. For the trivial cost for something this important - just stop your search, buy this software, install it, and sleep well at night.

Scott Harvey