Master boot record

Master boot record is the first physical sector of a boot device (floppy, hard disk, or CD-ROM, etc.) During the process of booting up the system uses the master boot record of the first device. It usually contains a small program-loader and a disk partition table. The program-loader uses the partition information (or a partition table) stored at the end of the sector to determine which partition is bootable, then attempts to boot from it.

Testimonials and User Comments

After trying your Acronis True Image, I bought it myself for home use. Another technician convinced his department to buy it because yours was the only product out there that could image a RAID.
I have tested Acronis True Image at home on XP, 2K, Linux and dual-boot systems and, as a result of being so knocked out by the product, am promoting it to technicians and groups as a group/department solution for their imaging needs. Acronis True Image saved my bacon on one particularly thorny problem where two of your better-known competitors wouldn’t even recognize the drive to be imaged. On top of that, the native maintenance of file journals when imaging ext3 partitions/drives is a huge boon and time saver as is the built in TCP/IP capability without having to reboot networked target with a dos floppy.
I really appreciate your marketing/licensing scheme as not only fair and equitable but also as a good pattern for the industry as a whole in these down-turn times. It allows "embedded" and independent techs to add a very valuable tool to their arsenals without the threat of bankruptcy or license violation.
Thanks for making a good solid product.

Russ Humphrey