Master boot record

Master boot record is the first physical sector of a boot device (floppy, hard disk, or CD-ROM, etc.) During the process of booting up the system uses the master boot record of the first device. It usually contains a small program-loader and a disk partition table. The program-loader uses the partition information (or a partition table) stored at the end of the sector to determine which partition is bootable, then attempts to boot from it.

Testimonials and User Comments

Congratulations on getting PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for Acronis True Image 6. It’s been my choice for months. Glad I recognized outstanding software, even before PC Magazine told us it was outstanding.
It’s pulled me out of many crisis situations, so I consider it as essential as tires on a car, or water to drink.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m just burning images for the fun of using Acronis True Image. Hum?
Anyway, keep the great products coming. I also like Acronis Partition Expert.