Partitioning definitions. Partitioning is dividing into smaller pieces of resource, which can be hard disk drive


Master boot record

Master boot record is the first physical sector of a boot device (floppy, hard disk, or CD-ROM, etc.) During the process of booting up the system uses the master boot record of the first device. It usually contains a small program-loader and a disk partition table. The program-loader uses the partition information (or a partition table) stored at the end of the sector to determine which partition is bootable, then attempts to boot from it.

Testimonials and User Comments

I have had two occasions in the last five months to have to completely restore my computer. Each time it worked flawlessly and completely restored my C drive and all programs — even the very protected ones with digital signatures.
The program has saved me countless hours of rebuilding and reconfiguring time and is one of the best programs I have ever worked with.

Michael Terry