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Rich Belgard, Independent Consultant, Saratoga, CA:

It is a very rare event for me to congratulate and thank a software vendor, but, I must thank you very much. I have a computer that came with Windows XP-preinstalled. The hard disk started showing S.M.A.R.T. errors. So, I bought a new WD disk and thought that I would just use the WD util to make a clone of the existing (soon to be bad) partitions. After about 2 days, I gave up on that.
Then, I tried some other utils. No luck.
I next went out and bought a full XP CD with hopes of booting from it and repairing the installation. Although the first half seemed OK, the second half of the repair could not find my CD, which I assume is because the protected mode drivers were not present. I gave up on that after around 5 hours.
I then purchased and downloaded your MIGRATE EASY. My old disk was 120G (new is 160G) and, with MIGRATE EASY, in 18 MINUTES (literally), I was running off of the new disk.
My entire business is on my computer, and I would have been dead without it. MIGRATE EASY is a beautifully written, amazingly fast, and capable program. For that, I thank you, and congratulate you on creating software the way it should be.

Mark Vander Lugt:

Acronis® MigrateEasy 6.0 worked perfectly, right out of the box — on my rather complicated PC which uses a RAID configuration, plus additional drives of both P-ATA and S-ATA drives. It was easy and intuitive to use the first time. Excellent product, well worth it!

Scott Jarvis:

I just finished migrating data from an old SCSI drive to a new IDE drive using Migrate Easy. It cold not have gone smoother or faster. In less time than it would have taken me to partition and format the new hard disk drive, the whole data migration was complete. Migrate Easy is an excellent program. Thanks!

James Orndorf, Computer Center, Jewish Community Center:

With such a growing, robust membership, it’s always reassuring to have systems tools like MigrateEasy Deluxe to make upgrading easy.

Christopher Mann, Linuxcare, Inc.:

I run multiple versions of several Linux distributions for evaluation, testing, and certification work. Acronis’ MigrateEasy Deluxe really worked quickly when I had to upgrade to a high capacity hard drive.

Pierre, CNET reviews:

I was looking at a prolonged exercise of putting new primary drives into a couple of established W2k and WinMe boxes. MigrateEasy made the migration of data to the new drives a no-brainer!

Pierre du Parte, Final Filer Software:

...what a great job MigrateEasy did for me last night! Great affordable product. I am very pleased with MigrateEasy.
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