Why Acronis Storage

Acronis Storage helps Service Providers win the IaaS battle by substantially lowering scale-out storage costs while overcoming the capex challenges related to traditional high-end storage offerings. With this low maintenance and easy to manage solution, Acronis radically simplifies the complexity of deploying and managing cloud infrastructure’s go-to-market demands. Acronis challenges the economics of storage through gamechanging breakthroughs in efficiency and reliability.

  • Most Efficient

    Comparing bare costs of disk storage with high-end hardware and public cloud storage offerings shows a 900% potential for future Storage efficiency. Acronis brings that opportunity to the market.

  • Most Reliable

    A hardware independent storage solution is a necessity for large-scale data sets. Selfhealing data management technology ensures data integrity and protects end users from the pain of outages.

  • Easy to scale

    Service Providers need a fast time to market, easy management and low maintenance overhead. Efficient scaling & deployment is a necessity to operate a profitable and competitive IaaS offering