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Acronis Storage

Acronis Storage provides the most reliable, scalable and cost-efficient Software Defined Storage Solution for backup & archiving

Why Acronis Storage

Acronis Storage helps Service Providers win the IaaS battle by substantially lowering scale-out storage costs while overcoming the capex challenges related to traditional high-end storage offerings. With this low maintenance and easy to manage solution, Acronis radically simplifies the complexity of deploying and managing cloud infrastructure’s go-to-market demands. Acronis challenges the economics of storage through gamechanging breakthroughs in efficiency and reliability.

Most Efficient

Comparing bare costs of disk storage with high-end hardware and public cloud storage offerings shows a 900% potential for future Storage efficiency. Acronis brings that opportunity to the market.

Most Reliable

A hardware independent storage solution is a necessity for large-scale data sets. Selfhealing data management technology ensures data integrity and protects end users from the pain of outages.

Easy to scale

Service Providers need a fast time to market, easy management and low maintenance overhead. Efficient scaling & deployment is a necessity to operate a profitable and competitive IaaS offering

Scale-out Storage

Acronis Storage eliminates limitations of hardware storage systems by shifting the management of traditional storage challenges around reliability and data access to the software layer. Acronis accelerates cloud storage offering time to market for Service Providers managing Backup & Archive volumes ranging  from 50TB up to multiple Petabytes.

Features & Benefits

Software Defined Storage

Enables hardware independent storage. Provides granular scalability, usage of commodity, cost-efficient hardware and easy to manage infrastructure.

Efficient Redundancy

Innovative storage software redundancy while saving 60%+ hardware overhead compared to traditional RAID. Provides better than RAID reliability.

Web Console

Facilitates easy to manage storage environments. Requires 10x less effort for deployment, scaling and controlling. Minimizes staff overhead.

Built-in Tools

Provides built-in tools for optimization of storage performance and storage efficiency.

Independent Solution

Works with most other solution for backup, archiving, file sharing and data recovery.

Acronis Integration

Optimized and fully integrated with the Acronis Backup & Recovery family of solutions.

Self-Healing Data Processes

Acronis Storage holds built-in self-healing processes to discover and repair data inconsistencies and errors while minimizing staff overhead.

Seamless upgrading

Seamless upgrading of performance and capacity without data migration or system downtime.

Scale-up, Scale-out, Scale-down

Smooth scaling from dozens of terabytes to multiple petabytes of data capacity using deployment templates. Nodes can easily be repurposed when not used.

Potential Use Cases


Organizing and managing data compliance for Medical, Financial, Telecom and other Records Databases.

Cloud Infrastructure

Essential part of Cloud Infrastructure for providing managed and self-service backup, archiving and storage as a service for partners and customers.

Backup & Archiving

Storing Backups, Financial Data & Transaction Archives, Medical Records, Log Files for Telco Operators, Science Databases and Disaster Recovery Archives.


Controlling growing libraries of digital images, videos and recordings. Achieve smooth scalability and easy performance-optimization not possible with traditional storage hardware.


Client Access Services

Client access services (NFS) – run on the client side to provide access to data. Some client applications may run directly on storage nodes.

Front-end Servers

Virtual Front-end servers are responsible for translating client read-write operations to storage nodes as directed by metadata nodes.

Automation System

Deployment automation system provides easy automated initial deployment and further scaling of the storage cluster.

Metadata Nodes

Virtual Metadata nodes are responsible for data reliability and availability, including load balancing nodes, integrity checks and restoring data.

Management Services

Monitoring and management services run on all nodes to ensure storage will automatically self-heal, proactively preventing hardware failures and reducing IT maintenance overheads.

Storage Nodes

Virtual Storage Nodes are responsible for storing actual data and maintaining its integrity.


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