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How to restore individual files with disk imaging backup software?

Although we generally think of disk image backup software in terms of restoring an entire partition or disk, many restoration jobs don't involve entire disks or partitions. Instead users need to recover a single file or folder that has been accidentally deleted or corrupted. With Acronis True Image, you can easily find and restore individual files or folders using the virtual disk feature.

You can open a virtual disk by choosing the Explore Image command in the tools menu and then selecting the disk image you want to use. The image is presented as a virtual drive, complete with its own drive letter. As far as your computer is concerned, this disk image is a disk drive. In Acronis True Image you can do almost anything with this "virtual disk drive" except add or change files on the disk.

Acronis True Image has several additional features not usually found in other disk imaging backup software. It can create incremental images, not just complete images. If you have been using Acronis True Image image backup software to back up incrementally (i.e., only those disk sectors that have changed between backups), Acronis True Image will automatically build the virtual disk using these incremental backups and allow you to use any of the stored incremental backups. This means you can select the date and time of the virtual image you want to use, avoiding disk images containing possibly corrupted versions of the files.

While you're doing working with the virtual disk image feature, the image is read-only so you can't accidentally overwrite or delete the files. You can read and copy from the disk image, the hard drive image software doesn't allow you to change or delete the contents of the virtual disk.

To restore files and folders, simply copy them from the virtual disk back to the target disk.

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