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Acronis announces the release of Disk Editor Deluxe

November 5, 2001

South San Francisco, CA (USA) — Acronis, a leading company in system software development, today announces the release of its fourth software title, Disk Editor Deluxe — a flexible, advanced hard disk drive editor and repair tool.

Quite often problems arise with hard disk drives that cannot be solved without a technically advanced disk editor. Such problems that require immediate attention include: back up, copying, and/or recovery of boot sectors and other important data areas of a hard drive; search and/or extraction of information that was removed by accident or lost due to failures, or through the destruction from an erroneous computer virus. For these and a host of other problems, the Acronis Disk Editor software solves and repairs issues associated with hard disk drives.

"Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe marks a true milestone in our development of powerful system tools," said Serguei Beloussov, Acronis CEO and Chairman of the Board. "Whether a user needs to get at data in Hex, tables, or the boot sector, this product goes beyond any editor available today."

About Disk Editor Deluxe

Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe was designed as a native Windows application for editing partitions, partition tables, free space and/or whole hard disk drive contents directly. In emergencies the Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe can restore accidentally lost and valuable data, repair hard drive data errors, and accomplish even more complicated drive level tasks.


Windows XP compatible. Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe features an easy-to-use Windows XP style graphical user interface.

Powerful editing tools. You can select data either with mouse or with keyboard. Selected data can be copied, moved, filled with specified values, saved and restored. Users may undo changes made or apply them.

Powerful navigation and search tools. Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe allows searching of both strings and arbitrary set of characters. Case insensitive search is also supported. Optionally, users can specify search areas. At any time users may jump to the beginning of the area being edited, or to a specific sector.

Automatic computation of unknown fields in partition table from known data, for example, during manual reconstruction of a partition table.

There are also several modes for data viewing and editing, including Hex, Partition table, FAT 16/32 boot sector, NTFS boot sector. In any mode a user may edit data that is shown.

About Acronis

Acronis is a leading software development company, a supplier of system software based on unique technologies. Acronis offers storage management, partitioning and multibooting solutions, which are capable to meet requirements to a wide range of home and corporate users. Acronis is well positioned to become one of the preferable system solutions vendors by capitalizing on its strengths:

  • focus on customer needs;
  • quality products design;
  • leading technologies;
  • great team;
  • unique business model.

For more information, see Company information at http://mx.acronis.com/company/

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