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July 6, 2006

by Karl Wright

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Acronis Disk Director 10.0

A suite of utilities that will keep your hard disk healthy. An excellent set of tools that will allow you to keep your hard disk healthy and organised.

Acronis Disk Director 10.0 is a suite of programs designed to help you organise and maintain your hard disk. It consists of Partition Manager, for resizing, moving and reorganising the partitions on a hard disk; Boot Manager, which allows you to run more than one operating system at once; Partition Recovery, which does what its name suggests; and Disk Editor, an advanced disk repair utility.

Partition Manager will probably be used most often. It offers a simple and visual way to perform the tasks of resizing, moving, creating and deleting hard disk partitions. It's easy to use and because it presents all the information you'd need to know about a partition in an immediately accessible way, it's unlikely you'll make any mistakes and delete something you actually wanted to keep.

If you do delete something that you shouldn't have, then you can use Partition Recovery to save the day. This worked well, but beware — it can only recover partitions from empty, unformatted, disk space. Once you've created a new partition over the top of an old one, the old partition is lost — at least as far as this program is concerned. One of the most impressive new functions is the ability to merge and split partitions without losing any data. This worked flawlessly in all our tests and will be an absolute boon to anyone who's running out of space on their main partition or who wants to reinstall Windows without overwriting data.

Another new feature is the ability to explore partitions, even when they're not accessible in Windows. If you want to install more than one operating system on a PC, you can use the OS Boot Selector. This allows you to install two or more operating systems on different partitions and then choose which one you want to use every time you start the PC. It works perfectly, even when we installed the Beta versions of Windows Vista as our second OS. It also detected, and offered us the chance to start the PC from, a bootable Linux CD.