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Acronis Full Circle Enables Virtual Server Migration, Conversion

Unique Acronis FAST engine technology makes server migration speedy, accurate and simple

November 7, 2006, Paris — Acronis Inc. (, the technological leader in storage management software announced today the launch of Acronis Full Circle, a software application that allows IT organizations to move an entire server's data seamlessly to and from physical and virtual servers.

Full Circle is based on FAST (Fast Accurate Simple Transmission) engine technology that enables users to migrate and convert data seamlessly between physical and virtual environments. This "virtually aware" technology automatically customizes the data being migrated to its new environment. Full Circle works with multiple operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Linux, and a variety of hardware and virtual servers on the market.

"With an average server lifespan of 18 months, organizations are constantly tasked to upgrade their hardware without jeopardizing the life's blood of their businesses, their data," said Walter Scott, CEO of Acronis. "When you consider the explosion in virtual servers and mobile employees, it's clear that what IT managers and systems integrators need is a server migration application that is not only fast and easy to use, but that also can meet migration challenges both on and off the data center floor."

"Foedus specializes in providing virtualization infrastructure services and technologies to companies large and small worldwide, and in just the last six months the number of virtual server migrations have skyrocketed," said John Dodge, managing partner of Foedus, a value-added reseller based in Portsmouth, NH. "An application such as Acronis Full Circle will be a great benefit to virtualization projects by ensuring that time and money is not consumed by server migration needs."

Acronis Full Circle provides:

  • Virtual Environment Flexibility — Full Circle supports multiple hardware platforms and operating systems, including both 32- and 64-bit servers and VMWare, Microsoft and Parallels virtual environments
  • FAST (Fast Accurate Simple Transmission) engine: The conversion and migration engine was designed specifically for such physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-physical conversions. The engine is fully integrated with the Acronis disk imaging technology and can migrate systems to dissimilar hardware
  • Fully customizable — Full Circle's wizard-based controls allow users to customize the migration process and migrate an entire system or specific files to another server
  • Minimal disruption — With Full Circle, IT has the option of migrating either live data or data at rest with either an on-line or off-line migration
  • Historic Data Retrieval — Full Circle is currently the only product that allows users to migrate historic data. Used in conjunction with Acronis True Image, which takes a snapshot of a server for backup purposes, Acronis Full Circle can take the backup image and migrate that to a new server
  • Speed — Since Acronis Full Circle automatically modifies data to meet the criteria its new environments, migration times are reduced from days to hours and hours to minutes
  • Ease of Use — The wizard-based controls driving Acronis Full Circle enable IT directors to delegate the migration process to less skilled data center employees, which frees ups senior personnel for more strategic assignments

Acronis Full Circle complements the existing Acronis line of storage, backup and disaster recovery products. Once data has been moved from server to server with Acronis Full Circle, organizations can continue to backup and restore both their physical and virtual servers using Acronis True Image.

Pricing will be announced when the product ships in volume. It will be sold through the company's direct sales staff and through resellers. The product is due to ship in volume in December.

About Acronis

Acronis est un fournisseur international à la pointe des solutions de sauvegarde, de reprise d’activité après sinistre ainsi que de partage et accès sécurisés aux fichiers. Créée en 2002, Acronis est devenue une entreprise internationale à la croissance rapide comptant plus de 700 salariés dans 18 pays et des partenaires dans presque tous les pays du monde. Acronis fournit des solutions de sauvegardes complètes, efficaces et fiables pour des environnements physiques d’ordinateurs de bureau et serveurs, des environnements virtuels et de cloud computing ainsi que des solutions de synchronisation et de partage de fichiers de pointe pour les terminaux mobiles.

Acronis a une certaine connaissance de la sauvegarde. Les chiffres sont éloquents avec plus de 50 technologies avancées de sauvegarde et de restauration développées à ce jour. Plus de 4,5 millions de particuliers, de PME et de fournisseurs de services utilisent les produits Acronis pour protéger leurs données critiques.

Le produit phare de l’entreprise, Acronis Backup & Recovery, fournit des solutions technologiques sophistiquées dans un format facile d’utilisation qui permet aux plus petites entreprises de satisfaire leurs exigences de niveau professionnel. Acronis développe également actuellement une version avancée pour les entreprises.

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