Release Notes for Acronis Backup Cloud APS Update 11

Release Notes for Acronis Backup Cloud APS Update 12

Release Date: July 26, 2017
Build: 2.0-1925

What's New in Update 12

Obtaining the package

APS package download links:

Odin Automation Premium 6.0: .ZIP .RPM
Odin Automation Premium 7.x: .ZIP .RPM


aps-php-runtime compatibility matrix:

Odin Automation version aps-php-runtime version Comment
6.0 2.1-313 or above
7.0 2.1-313 or above 2.2-xx runtime works incorrectly because of the APS-40209 bug in Odin Automation.
7.1 2.3-55 or above

The latest version of APS runtime can be downloaded from resource.

Installation Instructions

Check the Deployment Guide for the installation instructions.

Upgrade Instructions

APS Package Editions

APS package is now shipped in two editions:

Thus, for service providers who use Odin Automation 6.0, the upgrade path to 7.0 version is the following:

Service providers who use Odin Automation 7.x should upgrade to acronis-backup-cloud-2.2-1925.premium.x86_64.rpm directly.

APS Package Upgrade Path

Direct upgrade to version 1925 is supported only from version 1277 or later. If you have APS version earlier than 670 installed, you need to:

On each step, make sure that all APS instances are upgraded successfully before proceeding to the next step.
RPM packages for 670 and 1277 versions can be found inside APS package in "rpms" folder.
Please refer to “Updating the package” in the Deployment Guide for additional information.

Known Issues and Limitations