Cyber Infrastructure

Scale-out, cost-efficient and multi-purpose solution for the Edge

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Appliance

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Appliance is a ready-to-use cyber protection solution that integrates proven and tested hardware and software in one easy to install and operate unit. With Acronis’ fast and highly available appliance, you can instantly deploy the back-end for cyber protection solutions like Acronis Backup, Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, Acronis Cyber Files Cloud, or other applications, or use it as shared storage for general needs like documents, graphics and video files.

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Top benefits

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Appliance is designed, built and supported by Acronis. Out of box, you’ll get an enterprise-grade, fault-tolerant five-nodes infrastructure solution with great storage performance that runs in a 3U form factor. All of this comes without the hassle of testing, installing, and configuring hardware and/or software.

Easy to procure

Avoid selecting, testing and ordering various hardware components and software

Secure data

Ensure data authenticity with a solution that incorporates Acronis Notary with blockchain

Fast time to market

Benefit from a plug-n-play appliance that fits into your data protection service offering

Universal Solution

Cover all use-cases and scenarios with a single, easy-to-use solution that supports virtualization, software-defined networking, file, block and object-based storage

Proven and future-proofed

Leverage the trusted Acronis AnyData engine, which has already been in use for 15 years

Safety for your data

Eliminate the potential for data loss with Acronis CloudRAID built-in

Easy to use interface

Features and benefits

High availability and resiliency
  • No data loss even if two nodes fail with Acronis CloudRAID erasure-coding
  • No extra work – automatic self-healing storage data does the work for you
  • No service downtime while rolling out upgrades for system software
  • No need to migrate or power-off VMs while upgrading hypervisor
  • Prepackaged solution delivers reliable hybrid-cloud data protection
  • Software runs out-of-the-box, with no assembly, installation or configuration
  • Clear pricing for an all-in-one solution that has a low per gigabyte cost
  • Uses only 3U of space for a five-nodes cluster
  • Seamless integration with Acronis products via Acronis Backup Gateway
  • Supports virtualization and SDN, block, file, and object storage
  • Works with NFS, iSCSI, Amazon S3 and Acronis Backup API
  • Optimized for Acronis Cyber Cloud’s suite of products
  • Get your appliance running in matter of minutes with wizard-like setup
  • Enjoy a high-level dashboard and also get detailed performance data
  • Monitor nodes, network, performance, storage and VMs from a single pane
  • Upgrade the system in one click with no impact on production
Great performance
  • Experience up to five times faster storage than the Ceph on the same hardware
  • Rely on great VM guest support that ensures top-speed performance
  • Set storage policies and redundancy options for each virtual machine
  • Benefit from tuned hardware with integrated SSD for caching
Innovative Cyber Protection Platform
  • Access data across multiple data centers via object storage geo-replication
  • Safeguard data at rest with AES-256 encryption
  • Guarantee data authenticity with Acronis Notary’s blockchain-based certification
  • Secure and isolate networking via VXLAN encapsulation

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Technical characteristics

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Appliance is specially crafted to put a five-node cluster in a rackable 3U solution.

Each node consists


CPUIntel 16 Core processor

Hybrid. 1xSSD for OS and 1xSSD for cache

+ 3 HDD for Data


2x10GbE RJ45

+ 2x10GbE SFP+

Power supply1+1 per chassis


Total Cluster Storage capacity


Storage (Raw space)60 TB120 TB150 TB180 TB
Usable Storage (3+2 redundancy mode)31 TB62 TB78 TB93 TB

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Appliance features BMC controllers so you can remotely monitor and manage cluster nodes.