Master your inventory: Advanced Automation's latest module streamlines MSP stock management

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
for Service Providers

The need for effective inventory management

For many MSPs and IT solution providers, selling hardware to clients alongside managed and cloud services forms a significant revenue stream. In this context, managing hardware inventory becomes as crucial as the sales of managed services and cloud solutions. When selling hardware items like servers, networking equipment and computers to clients, MSPs face a myriad of challenges. From maintaining accurate stock levels to ensuring profitable sales processes, the absence of an efficient management system can lead to missed opportunities and service delays. This is where our new stock inventory management module steps in, solving critical operational challenges and paving the way for enhanced client service and business growth.

What is stock inventory?

In the context of Acronis Advanced Automation, stock inventory refers to tangible items, primarily hardware, available for one-time sales to clients. These items are nonrecurring and finite, making their management crucial for MSPs looking to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Introducing stock inventory management

Part of Acronis Advanced Automation, the stock inventory management module is designed specifically for MSPs. It empowers them to add, manage, sell, and analyze hardware inventory in a smart and efficient way. So you can:

·       Add and manage stock inventory records, including quantity, buying and selling prices, purchase details, serial numbers, and warranty information.

·       Sell in-stock inventory through intelligent quoting and automate invoicing for clients.

·       Gain actionable insights into inventory sales and stock availability to analyze profitability and costs and optimally replenish stocks.

Enhance operational efficiency and client satisfaction

By implementing the stock inventory management module, MSPs can streamline their inventory and sales processes, simplifying how stock is tracked, managed and sold. This leads to quicker response times and more accurate fulfillment of client hardware needs, enhancing overall client service. Additionally, the module provides MSPs with critical data on inventory sales and stock levels, enabling them to make informed decisions about purchasing and sales strategies. These insights help MSPs maintain a balance between profitability and cost, ensuring they can optimally replenish their stocks and maintain a competitive edge.

A deeper dive into key features

The new module includes several functional areas designed to optimize inventory management.

Stock inventory management

·       Track inventory items: Adjust stock counts and monitor inventory utilization seamlessly.

·       Maintain accuracy: Manage multiple inventory locations and ensure records are always up-to-date.

·       Detailed insights: Oversee every detail, from quantities and pricing to warranties and supplier management.

·       Efficient search: Quickly access inventory data and search easily with advanced filtering options to find exactly what you need without delay.

In this screenshot, you can see the main stock inventory tab view, where you can quickly access inventory data, search within the inventory, and add new inventory items:


Stock inventory sales

·       Efficient selling process: Track stock levels and integrate inventory data directly into sales processes for frictionless transactions.

·       Quote and invoice seamlessly: Provide quotes that include inventory items and automate invoicing upon sale.

This screenshot shows how inventory items are added to a quote for the client:


Stock inventory reporting

·       Gain actionable insights: Analyze inventory totals, track profitability and manage sold inventory details.

·       Optimize ordering and tracking: Understand inventory needs and optimize stock replenishment.

This screenshot presents an example of a profitability report with inventory items, displaying gross profits and profit margins for the sold items:


See it in action

Experience the capabilities of our stock inventory management module firsthand through this short demo video:

Conclusion and call to action

The introduction of stock inventory management in Acronis Advanced Automation marks a significant step forward for MSPs looking to enhance their hardware sales and management capabilities. By integrating this module, MSPs can not only streamline their operations but also provide better service to their clients, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

For existing Acronis partners, reach out to your partner success manager to learn how to activate and make the most of this powerful new module. If you're new to Acronis, we encourage you to request a demo of Acronis Advanced Automation and discover how it can transform your inventory management practices.

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