Fast and Reliable system backup and restore tools

For Windows servers, desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets

Acronis OEM Solutions have been designed for PC/server manufacturers and system builders to reduce their support costs and get their end users up and running as quickly as possible without having to send their system back for service. Every system equipped with the Acronis System Builder’s package can be reset to its original state by the user without sending the system back to the manufacturer. System builders worldwide use Acronis OEM Solutions to create compressed images of the original system for fast and easy deployment during manufacturing as well as for field updates.

Acronis OEM Products and Solutions

Acronis offers all of its “standard” solutions, such as award winning Acronis True Image and Acronis Backup, at special OEM pricing for bundling with OEM hardware and software solutions. In addition, Acronis offers a unique set of Acronis True Image based products that target specific needs of OEMs at prices that allow OEMs to keep their costs low without having to pay for unneeded functionality. Acronis also offers special purpose products for standard and/or “headless” deployment, as well as custom development products for special requirements.

Acronis True Image OEM Product Family

Available exclusively for OEM partners, Acronis True Image OEM editions are functionally limited versions of Acronis True Image designed to meet specific OEM needs. There are three main Acronis True Image OEM product lines, with each line offering a separate “System Builder Edition” in addition to the base build:

  • Acronis True Image HD
  • Acronis True Image Personal
  • Acronis True Image Data Protection
  • Acronis True Image OEM for Windows Server

Acronis HD is primarily a cloning tool aimed at, and widely used by, Hard Drive and SSD vendors, while Acronis True Image Personal is the choice of System Builders and PC companies looking to create system images for later restore to factory state.


For System builders working with Windows Server OS, Acronis True Image OEM for Windows Server provides backup and disaster recovery for individual servers, as well as a fast and easy method to restore the server to factory state.


Acronis True Image OEM for System Builders

As noted above, each of the three Acronis True Image OEM products is also available in a System Builders Package. This package is available at no additional charge. Acronis True Image OEM for System Builders is a Windows based command-line installer that is configurable through an external XML-script. It can be used for automated tasks such as creating a system image and placing it in a protected disk partition (“The Acronis Secure Zone”), installing an edition of Acronis True Image OEM, and sealing the system with a modified Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. This allows the user to restore the system to factory state easily and without having to return the system for service.