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Acronis Storage Node hardware configuration wizard

Please enter the parameters of your backup system to calculate the required hardware.
(Note: The following calculations are for rough estimation only. More accurate estimations can be done with testing on real systems only.)






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Storage Node configuration parameters
Number of ASN servers Amount of backup data per ASN
Machine count per ASN Initial full backup data size per ASN (with deduplication and compression)
Number of backups per machine at the end of the periodBackup data storage type
RAM size per ASN Backup data storage size per ASN at the end of the period
CPU Deduplication database storage type
Backups are performed Deduplication database storage size per ASN at the end of the period


  • Deduplication is turned on.
  • Compression of 1.5 times is applied.
  • When using two or more storage nodes, the backed-up data is evenly distributed among them.