Cloud backup solution for workstations - online backup for workstations

Key features and technologies

Backup options

  • Block Level Image Backup
    Create an overall backup copy of your machine, including operating system, applications, user settings and data.
  • File Level Backup
    Back up only selected files and folders.
  • Real-time Backup
    Back up your system or specific files without interrupting your work.
  • Full Backup
    Do a complete backup of your machine.
  • Incremental Backup
    Back up all changes to your system since the previous backup.
  • Sector-by-sector Backup
    Stores exact copies of a disk or volume, sector-by-sector, including unused space.
  • Exclude files during backup
    Save storage space and time by excluding non-essential files and folders from backups.
  • Compression
    Compress backups to optimize your storage space.
  • Multi-volume Snapshots
    Create a consistent snapshot of several volumes at once.
  • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) support
    Back up your mission-critical VSS-aware applications, such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL Server, on a live server without taking them offline.
  • Network Bandwidth/Disk Write Speed Throttling
    Limit impact on a disk or network by limiting the bandwidth that is allowed to be used by Acronis Backup & Recovery Online.
  • Initial Seeding
    Optional service that lets you save an initial full backup locally and then send it to Acronis on a hard disk drive

Recovery options

  • Acronis Startup Recovery Manager
    If your system won’t boot properly, press F11 during the system startup to start Acronis Backup & Recovery Online.
  • Bare-metal restore
    Restore your workstation from scratch in the event of a hard disk failure — restore an exact copy of your computer on a new hard drive.
  • Remote restore
    Perform remote restores of your networked machines.
  • Restore to dissimilar hardware
    Migrate or restore the whole system to dissimilar hardware or a virtual machine.
  • Dynamic Disk Support
    Manage, backup and restore your LDM disks, backup and restore LVM disks
  • Large Scale Recovery option
    In the event of a large workstation outage, customer may request for Acronis to load a workstation’s backups onto a hard drive and ship it to them

Virtualization support

  • Migrate between P2V and V2P during backup and restore
    Convert backup images to virtual machine formats compatible with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.
  • Agent-less backup through VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB)
    Back up a virtual machine from ESX Server by mounting it with VMware consolidated backup

Backup management

  • Pre/post commands
    Define pre/post backup and data capture commands to integrate Acronis Backup & Recovery Online with other applications or to temporarily stop some.
  • Conditions for backup
    Configure backup operations to wait until specified conditions are met like a pre-defined time interval or a user logs off.
  • Advanced backup scheduling
    Schedule your backup operations so that they run automatically without interrupting your work
  • Automatic retry in case of non-fatal failure
    If a task fails, it will automatically retry in a configured time interval

Centralized management

  • Grouping machines into static or dynamic groups
    Put machines into nested groups, manually or by other criteria such as OS, IP range, or membership in an Active Directory.
  • Policy-based management
    Apply backup policies to a machine or a group of machines.
  • Distributing backups within time interval
    Avoid overloading networks by distributing backup activities within an allowed time window. Automatically shift task start times on each machine.
  • Centralized list of vaults
    Creates a centralized list of vaults that will be visible to all machines registered in Acronis Management Server

Reporting and monitoring

  • Centralized dashboard
    Operational overview of all configured machines on a single screen.
  • Consolidating log events into centralized log
    See events from all managed machines in the Acronis Management Server log, even if the event is from a machine that is not available.

Backup administration

  • Automated deletion of outdated backups
    Specify rules to automatically delete backups that are no longer needed.
  • Consolidating incremental backups
    Consolidate incremental backups to save space.

Deployment and upgrade options

  • Remote installation and configuration
    Remotely install clients and updates on your networked machines.
  • No reboot
    No reboot required to complete installation.

User interface

  • Local management console
    Intuitive user interface makes Acronis Backup & Recovery Online easy to install, quick to configure and deploy, and simple to use
  • Centralized management console
    Centrally manage all operations from a single console on the network.


  • User group to control remote access
    Assign access to specific groups — ensure only authorized groups can access machines remotely.
  • User group to allow centralized management
    Set a security group that is allowed access to the Acronis Management Server.
  • Encrypted network communications
    Ensure data is safe during backups across the network — all remote communications are encrypted by default.
  • Configurable ports
    All port numbers used may be changed.


  • Acronis Online Storage
    Remote, secure location to store files and system image backups
  • Initial Seeding option
    Customer creates an encrypted local backup and then ships the hard drive to Acronis for recovery into Acronis Online Storage

    Please note that running a defragmentation after initial seeding backup will result in creating a full backup thus increasing backup time to online storage.