Acronis Backup Solutions for VMware Deployments – A Modern Approach with 15-Second RTOs

Cyber Protect Cloud

While many IT teams are racing to the cloud, the majority of VMware Virtual Machines (VMs) are still running on-premises. With data volumes and VMs quantities on the rise, transitioning from on-premises technology to cloud or hybrid cloud solutions is a high priority. In fact, it’s a hot topic at this week’s VMworld 2019, where two separate learning tracks are focused on increasing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud adoption.

This boost in interest stems largely from the benefits that arise from secure, high availability cloud architectures. As modern businesses experience an explosion in the amount of applications that generate data, and the desire to, store, and analyze that data grows, it comes as no surprise that VMs are seeing enormous growth in popularity and usage. Running these VMs on-premises, however, limits a business’ budget planning, recovery speed, and recovery flexibility.

Acronis’ award-winning backup services – such as Acronis Backup for organizations of any size and Acronis Backup Cloud for service providers – are the ultimate solutions for these organizations whether they have a single ESXi deployment or an entire vSphere cluster. Acronis’ services are based on the understanding that traditional backup is no longer enough for complete data protection. Instead, Acronis is leading the world in cyber protection technology – a comprehensive approach to defending data, apps, and systems by combining data protection, cyber security, and cutting-edge innovations into robust solutions that ensure organizations are #CyberFit and can keep their businesses moving..

By incorporating Acronis solutions into your IT infrastructure, you gain improved speed, flexibility, and security capabilities all through a single, easy-to-use management console.

Improving Backup and Recovery Speeds

Modern businesses run around the world and around the clock, and employee acces to most tier one and two apps is critical making high availability a necessity. Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup Cloud both ensure near-seamless data availability through our integration with VMware’s vSphere VMs and ESX(i) hosts. Once protected by Acronis’ technology, all of your data can be recovered directly from backup storage in 15 seconds or less. Acronis Instant Restore can offer this best-in-industry recovery time objective by starting any physical or virtual system (either Windows or Linux) on your existing virtualization host – without moving any data or having to reinstall the operating system.

Enhancing Storage Flexibility

For further convenience and accessibility, Acronis Backup offers a wide variety of vSphere VM backup storage options – both on-premises to local disks, NAS, SAN, or tape, in the cloud to Acronis Cloud Storage, or to any combination of the two. With Acronis Backup’s flexible recovery solutions, you can even avoid the need for reconfiguring the hypervisor by restoring the entire host (not just the VMs) to the same, similar, dissimilar, or bare-metal hardware following a data loss event. By offering so many recovery opportunities, Acronis Backup ensures that your organization is able to restore data precisely where it’s needed to keep RTOs low and employees productive..

Innovating Cybersecurity to Face Modern Cyberthreats

For all your physical and virtual data, security is essential – particularly given the current cyberthreat landscape. Acronis Backup, like all of Acronis’ cyber protection services, ensure that your data’s safety and security are comprehensively defended thanks to Acronis Active Protection, an integrated cybersecurity defense powered by artificial intelligence that actively detects and deletes ransomware and cryptojacking attacks before they can disrupt your business or system performance. Due to Acronis Active Protection’s innovative AI-based threat-detection, over 400,000 threats have been detected and prevented in the last year, alone.

For a full review of the capabilities, your organization can gain through Acronis Backup, download the ESG Lab Review of Acronis Backup 12.5.