Backing up a Parallels Virtual Machine on Mac

I am using multiple computers for business and pleasure. Most time I work on a PC running Windows 10. Sometimes I use Mac for working with graphics and animation. Fro example, Keynote has some interesting animations that are easy to set up. But even when I use my Mac, I can’t work without Windows. I use a  bunch of useful Windows tools not available on a Mac. So I use Parallels to run Windows on my Mac, and always have Windows open in another space.

A challenge

Parallels Desktop is an amazing product, making working with Windows on a Mac very efficient. The only thing that was complicated – backing up the virtual machine. If you use Apple’s own Time Machine, it will try to back up the entire virtual machine every time, taking up a lot of time and a lot of space on backup media.

A solution (or is it?)

Parallels Desktop provides an optimization for Mac Time Machine. You can disable backup for the VM completely - a very bad idea. Another option is to enable SmartGuard, and then snapshots will be created every 48 hours. This may help performance issues, but this option still consumes a lot of storage on the backup media.

Much better solution to back up a Parallels VM on a Mac

Acronis True Image on a Mac is the only software that can back up Parallels Desktop VMs automatically and incrementally – it backs up changed blocks of data only, a dramatic savings in time and storage for backups. This may not seem like a big deal up until the moment you lose some important data on your VM because you ran out of storage and did not back up or discard some previously backed up files.

Acronis True Image also comes with Dual Protection – the ability to backup both locally to an external or network drive, and to Acronis Cloud Storage. Using cloud storage, you always have a copy and will be able to restore all of your data even if your backup media fails, is damaged or is lost.

Check out Acronis True Image 2017 for Mac and give it a spin for a 30 day trial.  We are sure you’ll be impressed!