GigaOM Ranks Acronis Fourth of 14 for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

GigaOM publishes hybrid cloud data protection radar

GigaOM recently published its Radar for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection, which positions 14 vendors across their solution and differentiation “radar grid.” Their 2019 review includes a lot of familiar faces, Actifio, Clumio, Cohesity, Commvault, Delphix, Druva, HYCU, IBM, Rubrik, StorageCraft, Veeam, Veritas, Zerto ... and Acronis.

Acronis is honored to not only be included but to have received the fourth-best overall positioning on the radar.

According to analyst Enrico Signoretti, “The general market direction is trending towards additional services built on top of data protection. Data protection is becoming instrumental in collecting and consolidating data across the entire organization (no matter where it is created or stored) with the goal of reusing it for other purposes. In most cases, it is still about improving and expanding data protection processes, such as in the case of protection against ransomware. Still, areas like security, compliance, data governance, and management are getting a lot of attention as well.”

GigaOM Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Radar

How to Read the GigaOM Radar Graphic

The GigaOm Radar focuses on technical capabilities, roadmap, execution, and the ability to innovate. Each vendor represented was plotted across three key data points in the graphic:

  1. The current position in the chart gives information on the state of the solutions provided by the vendor
  2. The direction indicates where the vendor is going with the product strategy and development
  3. The module signifies how fast it is executing on its vision and strategy

The definitions of the X and Y axes are as follows:

  • Maturity: Expresses the maturity and solidity of the product, user acceptance of the solution, and overall ecosystem sustainability.
  • Innovation: The differentiation of the solution, innovative technical aspects, and overall vendor approach to the market
  • Feature Play: Gives indications about the focus of the solution in terms of single differentiating features and technical aspects of the product. It usually includes new vendors that are defining new product categories, niche players, and point solutions.
  • Platform Play: In contrast to “Feature Play,” solutions positioned in this area provide a horizontal platform that can face a broader range of challenges, with a comprehensive feature set and an extensive ecosystem.

When looking at the GigaOm Radar graphic, the closer to the center, the better the overall ranking. The central area is usually empty (as is the case here) and is reserved for extremely mature and consolidated markets with very few vendors remaining and solutions that are mature, comparable, and without much space for further innovation.

The three concentric circles coming out of the center are as follows:

  • Leaders: All the vendors that are competing for market leadership in the metrics described above, even if they are competing in different market segments
  • Challengers: All the vendors with the potential to become a leader soon, niche or traditional players with an established market, and other companies that have interesting solutions but still have to prove their real differentiation
  • New entrants: Usually, companies with a limited feature set are too young to be included in the innermost category, but showing the potential to move there soon.

Acronis is proud to have secured the fourth-best overall position, landing in the Challenger section as a mature vendor with a focus on key features and, notably, we were described as a fast mover whose corporate direction is heading directly towards the market’s sweet spot.

You can expect additional movement from Acronis, as we’ll be announcing an innovative new solution in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.