Incremental Recovery of Backups From the Cloud. Why Is It Essential?

Incremental Backup Recovery

If three library books on one shelf were misplaced or destroyed, should you have to replace the entire shelf of books? If you picked up your dry cleaning and dropped one shirt on the ground, should you have to re-launder all of the clothes? Of course not. Complete replacement would not make sense because it would be more expensive, more time consuming, and take more resources to complete.

And so it is with recovering cloud backups.

Think of those books and shirts as blocks of irreplaceable computer data.

You will want to inexpensively, quickly, and efficiently recover backed up data from the cloud incrementally, just like you want to replace only missing books and launder only dirty clothes.

With Acronis True Image, incremental data recovery from the cloud does the following:

  1. Looks on the local hard drive and compares the data blocks with what is backed up in the cloud;
  2. Notes the differences, and intelligently replaces the missing data blocks on the local computer or device;
  3. Ensures that the result is that the recovered drive is identical to its original state before the data loss.

Below, we illustrate what happens when you incrementally recover a file or folder-level backup from the cloud with Acronis True Image.

Acronis True Image backs up and recovers data blocks that are much smaller than individual files. If you had to recover each one of the data blocks to your laptop from the cloud, it can also be done. In fact, it happens when the entire file or folder is missing on the computer. But the method of recovering everything takes longer, uses more network bandwidth, and unless the entire folder was completely lost on the computer, a full recovery isn’t necessary.

Incremental Backup Recovery

Image 1. Recovering folders from a cloud backup. Full recovery (left) takes longer than incremental (right).

On the right side, Acronis True Image automatically takes an inventory of the data blocks from files and folders that are safely backed up in the cloud. Then Acronis True Image automatically determines which blocks are required to perform a complete recovery of the files and folders.  Then, it intelligently replaces those blocks, and only those blocks, on the computer.

The result?  A perfect recovery that is faster than having to recover all data and it uses less bandwidth.

Unlike some competition, full-image computer recovery is available from the cloud.

A full-image backup is a computer backup that protects the operating system, the applications, all data (like photos, music, and documents) as well as all of the hidden and system files and partitions a computer needs to boot up and operate.  Acronis True Image can perform a full-image backup, even to the secure Acronis Cloud and recover incrementally from a full-image backup located in the cloud.

Some competitors don’t support this. They say that full-image recovery from the cloud can’t be done and that you can only protect files and folders in a cloud backup.  How wrong they are!

Not only can Acronis True Image recover a fully bootable Mac or PC from the cloud, it can recovery it incrementally. Below, on the left, we illustrate how Acronis True image can completely recover a bootable computer when no data at all is available on the PC or Mac.


Incremental Backup Recovery

Image 2. Full-image backup recovery from the cloud. Full recovery (left) takes longer than incremental (right).

On the right, we illustrate how a full-image recovery can also be incremental.  Just like the file and folder-level recovery we talked about before, an incremental recovery of a full-image backup only recovers the data blocks necessary to restore the complete computer:  all of the elements of the operating system, applications, data files, settings, and the partitions and data necessary to ensure the computer can boot up.

Acronis technology leads the way in speed, security, and features:

Automatic incremental backup and recovery to and from the cloud at the file, folder, and bootable computer level isn’t the only power of Acronis backup technology. Acronis technology is the fastest both for local and cloud data protection, most secure against ransomware, most feature complete, and easiest to use. It is the most powerful data protection technology available on the market today. You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the latest report from the AV-Test Institute!