Protecting Large Hybrid IT Environments With Acronis Backup 12.5

Backup for Large Environments

The IT environments grow at a faster pace than the companies they serve. A decade ago, a company with 30 employees would have had half a dozen servers, a couple of dozens of PCs, and that’s it. Nowadays, there may be:

  • Few old physical servers still housing important data and applications
  • Virtual hosts, holding couple dozen virtual machines (VMs), with different applications, and even different hypervisors
  • 35+ PCs and laptops — including some Macs
  • 20-30 VMs in the cloud – in Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Google, or other IaaS cloud
  • Applications and data in the cloud – most probably Microsoft Office 365
  • Few dozen corporate mobile devices – tablets, phones

All of these devices contain important company data, and need to be backed up – and your existing backup solution may not be able to support all of these, or easily scale along with your hybrid IT evolution.

But now there is good news! Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced, the world’s easiest to use and most complete backup solution, is coming soon!

Imagine the intuitive, touch-friendly, web-based console that you can access from any device, anywhere – in office, at home, or even on the beach. This console gives you access to complete protection of all devices in your organization in a simple and organized manner.

To keep up with the pace of your growing IT needs, Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced comes with:

  • Customizable dashboards – amazing configurable interface that will give you immediate insights into status of your environment, and let you focus on resolving issues quickly
  • Device grouping – ability to organize your systems manually, or automatically, based on different criteria – for example, you can have all SQL servers grouped together.
  • Backup policies – add one more SQL server, and it will be automagically backed up, without you needing to schedule backup jobs separately
  • Advanced reporting  - add diagrams, customize reports, set automatic delivery to your mailbox, and you will never need to check everything one-by-one ever again
  • Smart alerting – detect and identify systemic problem with a single combined alert, instead of error notifications from every system with the same failed backup plan
  • And much more!
Try Acronis Backup 12.5 now and get ready to protect your entire company!