Q: Why are Men Better at Marriage Than Women? A: They Have a Backup

I can't help myself but being somewhat prejudiced here: women tend to be obsessed with the idea of getting married, while men are usually inclined toward more rational thinking. Wait, here comes a perfect example to my aforementioned provocative statement. 

Women are usually far more eager to find the best photographer for their wedding party. They are willing to pose for hours, just to get the best photos, completely forgetting that a wedding is supposed to be fun. Let’s face it — actually taking 10,000 pictures in a row is quite a tiresome process, let alone a drain on those muscles that help reveal your pearly whites. All this to, in a week or two, finally receive the photos and happily upload them to Twitter, Facebook and... And that's it. The joy subsides and returns with the next great occasion in your lives. But what about when she wants to recall that special day…

Men, on the other hand, are a little less than excited to waste time taking a gazillion photos in that uncomfortable penguin suit, probably sweating up a storm from their nervousness, and every second hoping that this snapshot will be the last one. However, that painful stage of weddings called the photoshoot \ passes, and the photos eventually arrive. Men rarely post these wonderful pictures online, but their noggins get churning on what to do with them. Meaning, essentially, how to keep them safe and secure. Men know that Facebook is not an option because a) it compresses the quality of the pictures and b) they end up somewhere in your Timeline and you have no idea how to find them. Keeping them on a home PC is not safe (it may crash any time and has a short lifespan), leaving them on an external hard-drive is not that reliable either (they get lost and can crash as well) and storing them as email Drafts is, well, just plain weird.

What do you do about it? 

While women are taking care of the upcoming Birthday/New Years/Anniversary party and looking for a great/trendy/expensive photographer, some men are simply perplexed by the following question "What in the world am I going to do with the crazy amount of photos that double if not triple every month that we prolong this life together?" 

Despite their disdain for the photoshoot process, some men spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to find the ideal place to store those photos. They know that a happy wife means a happy life. Yet at the end of the day, they remain perplexed. 

Others have already found a solution and are able to enjoy those special moments — her dress, the New Years toast, the birthday cake. They've realized that backup is the only real solution to make sure their wife and their life remain in a constant state of bliss. Men backup their lives and that is why, my friends, men are so much better at marriage.