New email scam threatens people with coronovirus

It is a known fact that cybercriminals love to hijack global news headlines in order to spread their scams and increase their profits. Yet we've just seen this scare tactic reach a new moral low.

Attackers are now threatening to deliberately infect people with the coronavirus.

  • Acronis detects spike in malware attacks during coronavirus pandemic

No one needs a reminder of the enormous toll that the COVID-19 pandemic is inflicting on lives around the globe. It is affecting our physical and mental health, our economic prospects, and our connections to our loved ones.

But two months ago Acronis predicted a lesser-known side effect of the contagion: a flood of new cyberattacks committed by criminals who see financial opportunity in the confusion, fear, and drastically new work habits that the pandemic has thrust upon much of the world.

Now our global network of Acronis Cyber Protection Operations Centers has detected a spike in malware attacks that confirm those concerns.

Here's what our Cyber Protection Week survey results mean for personal users

As the inaugural World Cyber Protection Week starts to wind down, we’re taking a deeper look at our survey results to explore what they really have to say about personal, home users and how you can use these insights to keep yourself safer in the year ahead.

Learn how people around the world are protecting their increasingly digital lives and confronting the modern cyberthreats attacking their data, applications, and systems.

World Cyber Protection Week Survey Reveals Most IT Pros Back up Their Data – But Still Can’t Sleep at Night

As we near the end of World Cyber Protection Week – a natural (and necessary) extension of World Backup Day – we’re zero-ing in on what our 2020 survey of IT pros worldwide revealed when it comes to their experiences with data loss and protection today. We wanted to know their current thinking about and approach to keeping data and systems safe, accessible, private, authentic, and secure (SAPAS) today. And the results are revealing for our service provider partners too, shedding light on what their clients are particularly concerned with – and investing in – when it comes to protection today.

Here’s a quick look at how these pros approach data protection, what’s keeping them up at night given the current threat landscape, and what can be done so they can rest easier.

World Cyber Protection Week results for IT Pros

As the first-ever World Cyber Protection Week begins to wind down, we’re taking an in-depth look at what the results of this year’s survey mean for IT professionals around the world.

With this IT pro-focused review, you’ll learn where your peers are excelling, where they aren’t, and how you both stack up to – and can get ahead of – the pack.

IT support stories perfect for April Fools Day

In honor of World Cyber Protection Week and April Fools’ Day, we’re celebrating the essential – and often frustrating – work of IT support staff by taking a look back at horror stories of dealing with users at their most foolish. We scoured some of our favorite sources for terrible tales of tech support to find nine excerpts that might make your average day seem a little bit better, by comparison.

Has you business experienced data loss resulting in downtime this year?

This year’s World Cyber Protection Week survey results offer a wealth of insight into how individuals and IT professionals are approaching the challenges of increasing complexity, cost, and vulnerability. And while there’s a great deal personal users, IT professionals, and service providers can learn from these survey findings, viewing them in a silo ignores some important, broader context.

To offer a clearer picture of what this year’s survey means, we’ve compared our 2020 findings with responses from personal users and IT professionals in all of our previous survey iterations. This comparison presents a robust perspective of how data-defense priorities have evolved over time, and how cyber protection’s modern, comprehensive approach to safeguarding data, applications, and systems is poised to become even more necessary in the months and years ahead.

This year's World Cyber Protection Week survey results are in

This World Cyber Protection Week, we expanded our annual data protection survey to cover more of the digital challenges and concerns that face modern IT users – whether they’re at home, at work, or relying on a service provider that protects a portfolio of clients.

This year’s results paint a clear picture: People and organizations are acutely aware of the risks on the horizon but they are much less certain about how to easily, efficiently, and securely prepare for and overcome them. Let’s dive into the findings of our 2020 survey.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Beta Case Studies

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud recently moved out of private beta and into public beta, making it available to any service provider or cloud distributor who is interested. This is the final step before the general availability (GA) of the product, slated for next month.

As with any new product launch, feedback from beta customers is tremendously important. For this launch, not only have we gotten feedback, but three beta participants agreed to do formal case studies about their overall impressions of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, its relevancy to their customers, and their experience.

It's time to evolve from World Backup Day. Welcome to World Cyber Protection Week.

For nearly 10 years, Acronis has been a proud evangelist of World Backup Day ... but today, backup is no longer enough. While backup remains a key component to complete data, application, and system protection, traditional backup solutions aren’t keeping pace with challenges that face the modern digital world.

It’s time to evolve the way we protect the data and devices we rely on. That’s why we’re raising the bar this World Backup Day: welcome to the first-ever World Cyber Protection Week.