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Nemty ransomware analysis

We took a deep dive into the Nemty ransomware strain, a sophisticated new form of malware that's spreading via a fake PayPal website. Similar in some aspects to Buran and GandCrab ransomware strains, Nemty incorporates three distinct layers of encryption to lock down victim data. Learn how this threat to your system works and how Acronis can help you evade and overcome it.

Syrk ransomware ID screen

We took a deep dive into the insidious Syrk ransomware strain that targets young Fortnite players to deliver a debilitating encryption payload complete with Cryptolocker anti-monitoring and self-defense capabilities. Learn how this threat to your system works and how Acronis can help you overcome it to keep your files safe.

Hurricane Dorian shows why cyber protection is vital to disaster preparedness

Faced with cyberthreats like ransomware and cryptojacking, it’s no surprise modern organizations have focused on their cybersecurity posture. Yet Hurricane Dorian shows that storms, floods, and fires still threaten a company’s digital assets just as seriously as hackers do.

Backup without cybersecurity is no longer enough. But cybersecurity without data protection isn’t enough either.

A recent IDC whitepaper revealed that cyber protection – which combines proven data protection and cutting-edge cybersecurity – provides an effective strategy against both digital and physical threats.

Acronis Backup Solutions for VMware Deployments – A Modern Approach with 15-Second RTOs

VMware’s annual conference, VMworld, is underway with thousands of IT professionals gathering in San Francisco to share and discuss the innovations that help businesses deliver speed, flexibility, and security to meet modern IT demands.

Learn how Acronis backup solutions fit into this conversation and pave the way for organizations increasingly shifting to the cloud to succeed.

Buran Ransomware uses RIG Exploit Kit

Buran is a new version of the Vega ransomware strain (a.k.a. Jamper, Ghost, Buhtrap) that attacked accountants from February through April 2019. The new Buran ransomware first was discovered in June 2019.

What’s interesting is that this cryptolockers’ code was written in Object Pascal in Delphi IDE – a programming language that was popular in Latin American and former Soviet Union countries around two decades ago when it was being taught in colleges and technical universities.

Let’s take a close look at this ransomware to find out the installation process, communication details, and encryption model.

Acronis interviewed the ROKiT Williams Racing's CIO in Digital Transformation

This year’s Digital Transformation report featured an exclusive interview with ROKiT Williams Racing’s CIO, Graeme Hackland. The conversation touched on everything from biometrics and quantum computing to the dangers of running a motor racing team on data that needs to keep up with some of the world’s fastest cars.

Download the full report to learn how ROKiT Williams stays CyberFit with Acronis technology.

Louisiana Ransomware Attack Prompts A Statewide Emergency

A wave of ransomware attacks on public schools in the southern US state of Louisiana has prompted an unusual response, as the governor declared an official emergency to kick-start a coordinated response by several state-level law-enforcement and technology agencies.

This latest ransomware attack, which locks up the data on computer systems and only provides the key to free up the data if the victim pays an online ransom, continues a global wave of similar attacks that lately has targeted municipal governments as well as the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

SAP HANA backup and recovery from Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup now offers backup and recovery support for SAP HANA through easy, efficient, and secure protection for the entire database. Through this new support for the widely utilized data management and analytics system, enterprise users can now back up all their SAP HANA data and recover business-critical data in mere minutes, streamlining a complex process into a task any IT professional can manage with ease.

Read this article to learn how this support can protect your most important data and benefit your organization.

flooded businesses

For businesses, preparing for a flood (or any natural disaster) is not something that should be left to the last minute. Fortunately, there are a few established business and data protection strategies that companies should take to protect their businesses and their businesses precious data from this flood and those that will follow:

Plurox cryptomining malware 11

Cryptojacking attacks are not going away any time soon. Instead, they’re becoming more sophisticated – and more dangerous – by using advanced modular malware with worm capabilities as a delivery mechanism. A complex backdoor, called Plurox, was recently discovered by MalwareHunterTeam. It has a pluggable architecture and is able to spread itself over a local network, with the help of the EternalBlue exploit, and start cryptominers downloaded from the command and control (C&C) server.