Acronis Backup 12

Acronis Backup 12 Closer Look — Mac Backup

Acronis Backup 12 Closer Look — Mac Backup

Having spent more than quarter of a century in IT I have to admit that I am not a Mac user. Like many others, I have other Apple products, but I never used a Mac for a long period of time. My fingers are wired to use a 104-key PC keyboard, not the 78/109 keys of a Mac. I don’t have an idea what the “Command” key is, or what it does.

For sure, I am not alone. It’s no surprise that many other IT departments try to avoid doing anything on a Mac. They even go as far as “We do not support Macs” statement I’ve heard so often in many companies.

Mikhail Grachev in Macau: Data Helps to Achieve Better Results

For the second time this season, Acronis is supporting the TCR International Series’ driver Mikhail Grachev, who is racing for WestCoast in Macau this weekend. We asked Mikhail what he thinks about the race and partnership with Acronis.

Mikhail, could you give us some insight into the last race in Malaysia, and what are your plans for Macau?

I qualified 3rd in Malaysia but we had some issues during the final race. The problem was that we made some mistakes in the car setup and my car wasn’t right for the changed conditions on the track. It affected my chances finishing the race.

How Do You Create the World’s Fastest Backup?

How Do You Create the World’s Fastest Backup

According to the latest findings by an independent testing lab, Acronis Backup 12 is up to two times faster than the leading competitor, as well as the other well-known vendor. So how does one vendor create a solution that is so much faster than others in creating backups and performing recoveries? It’s a simple three-ingredient recipe.

Step 1: Technologies and Innovations

First, you need to invent a good amount of high-quality technologies – like live disk imaging backup, recovery to dissimilar hardware, Acronis Instant Restore™, and so on. Don’t forget to apply for and get 100+ data protection technology patents. Remember the quality – innovative data protection know-how can be extremely complex, yet have to be delivered to customers via an easy-to-use interface.