Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis protects Office 365 data

Microsoft Ignite 2019 (#MSIgnite) is underway with tens of thousands of developers, IT professionals, and security professionals gathered to connect in Orlando, FL. While they’re out of the office and working from the expo floor, many of these attendees can rest easy knowing that their existing and newly created Office 365 data is backed up with robust Acronis cyber protection services.

Learn how Acronis can protect your Microsoft Office 365 data seamlessly – and why backing it up should be at the top of your priority list.

Monstrous ransomware strains from 2019

There are dark and dreadful things that lurk in the shadows of the digital world, ready to bleed your company of data and dollars. This year a number of monstrous ransomware strains creeped and crawled their way into the headlines.

Brace yourself and take a peek at the most nightmarish strains that came to light this year – and learn how Acronis can help keep you and your data safe from dusk to dawn.

Hildacrypt closing down Veeam

Following our in-depth review of the new HILDACRYPT ransomware strain, our team reviewed how other popular backup services fared against the cyberthreat. Unfortunately for users of Veeam and Veritas, the answer was: not well.

Learn how Acronis cyber protection services provide your organization with comprehensive protection from existing and zero-day cyberthreats.

Ransomware attacks target medical facilities

Ransomware is constantly targeting medical companies across the United States. Within the past year, these attacks have led to downtime, lost productivity, and - in some cases - needing to close their doors for good. Learn how Acronis Cyber Protection solutions and the innovative AI-based Acronis Active Protection defense can help to ensure that these same consequences don't hit your organization.

HILDACRYPT ransom note

A new ransomware family was discovered in August 2019. Called HILDACRYPT, it is named after the Netflix cartoon “Hilda” because the TV show’s YouTube trailer was included in the ransom note of the original version of the malware.

HILDACRYPT camouflages itself as a legitimate XAMPP installer, which is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. However, the cryptolocker’s file name ‘xamp’ differs from the legitimate version. Moreover, the ransomware file does not have a digital signature.

We took a deep dive into this new cyberthreat to show how it works and how you can help overcome its attack with Acronis Cyber Backup.