Acronis Cyber Foundation

Join Pedro Martinez at the Acronis Cyber Foundation Charity Auction

We’re less than a week away from the can’t-miss cyber protection event of 2020: the Acronis Global Cyber Summit! And at this year’s completely free virtual conference, we’re pulling out all the stops and filling October 19-21 with events that designed to inform, entertain, and inspire.

Still deciding which sessions to block your calendar off for? Here are six of the fun social activities that you won’t want to slide off your radar. Take a sneak peek and reserve your spot today to make sure you don’t miss out!

Closing Party at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit

The inaugural Acronis Global Cyber Summit is in the history books. After two and a half days of cyber protection insights, advances, and discussions the cybersecurity experts, CIOs, IT pros, MSPs, value-added resellers, ISVs, and developers that joined us in Miami are on their way back to the corner of the world they call home. And they’re carrying the cyber protection revolution with them. If you weren’t able to take part in this year’s Acronis Global Cyber Summit, however, there’s no need for you to feel like you missed out. Here’s a recap of the biggest takeaways, most exciting events, and best moments from the 2019 Acronis Global Cyber Summit.