Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

New no-charge licensing reimagines cyber protection for MSPs

Since launching Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud nearly a year ago, we’ve also listened to our partners’ feedback on the kinds of changes that would help them succeed even more.

We heard you. You asked for the flexibility to add cyber protection to every device at an affordable price while having the flexibility to add advanced services to the most critical workloads.

Based on that input, we’re introducing an exciting new licensing model that’s taking things to a whole new level for our partners ... so as of today, we’re incorporating all of our service provider solutions into one, unified solution – Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

Acronis Channel experts reveal how to defend MSP clients against cyberthreats

Cybercrime is escalating at an alarming rate. As a result, experts forecast $6 trillion in damages in 2021 alone. Join Acronis Channel experts Amy Luby and Candid Wüest at IoTTSA Beyond the Curve today (January 20) at 2:00 pm to learn about the most dangerous cyberthreats facing the industry in the year ahead – and how a comprehensive cyber protection solution keeps your MSP business and your clients protected and profitable through it all.

Enhance your selling and services with the new Acronis #CyberFit Academy training

Acronis partners gained an all-new way to position, sell, and deploy in-demand cyber protection solutions to the organizations they serve with a relaunched and redesigned Acronis #CyberFit Academy training and certification program.

Guided by a focus on information, training, and education, these technical and sales training and certification courses are available for free to all existing Acronis partners through the Acronis Partner Portal for a limited time.

Top cyberthreat against macOS now installs adware with a Python script

The first examples of the Shlayer malware family were discovered in February 2018. Since then, it has become the most popular macOS first-stage trojan-downloader.

Shlayer remotely installs other malicious or potentially unwanted applications such as Cimpli, Bnodlero, Geonei, and Pirrit adware for macOS X desktops and laptops, mostly targeting US-based users. Once installed, the adware collects the victim’s personal data and tracks browsing activities that can be used to target additional ads. This newest version of the trojan leverages a Python script for stealthier execution of the malicious payload and employs data encryption for communications with its external command and control (C&C) server.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is certified as an ICSA Labs anti-malware solution

This year, Acronis successfully took part in ICSA Labs’ assessment for Endpoint Product for Business, Anti-malware certification. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud passed all of the tests to be certified and achieved the same excellent result it did with AV-Comparatives and VB100 – earning certification after its first test. As in evaluations by other testing laboratories, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud showed zero false-positive reactions, a close to perfect (99.9%) on-demand detection rate, and a 98.2% real-world detection of new and unknown malware threats!

Omdia MSP research into top challenges facing MSPs

In our final deep dive into the 2020 MSP cybersecurity readiness survey results, we explore the business and technical obstacles that limit (and sometimes prevent) their success. Discover the most critical business and technical challenges facing MSPs today and how Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and the Acronis partner program can help you to overcome them all.

Omdia MSP research on backup and recovery capabilities

We're unveiling recent survey results from the research firm Omdia to explore the backup and recovery capabilities that MSPs offer today and plan to offer in the next 12 months. Take a look at what MSPs like you have in place now, what's on the horizon, and what Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can do to fill a wide array of your upcoming backup and recovery needs with a single management console and a single agent.

Remote workers need cyber protection

When we made the decision a few weeks ago to delay the general availability of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, it was because we wanted to incorporate new cyber protection features for remote workers and workloads. After all, an unprecedented number of people were suddenly being forced to work from home, and their data, applications, and systems needed protection.

That same day, we got an email from our colleagues at the market research firm DCIG to let us know they just published a blog article about how one of their analysts successfully used Acronis True Image for cyber protection and resilience at his home office following a hardware failure.

The timing couldn’t have been more synchronistic.

MSPs Can Leverage the Power of Platform Integration

The typical managed service provider (MSP) faces a daunting array of obstacles to building a successful, sustainable and profitable business. To meet these challenges, MSPs must squeeze efficiencies out of their existing tech infrastructure and staff – even as they add new services. Acronis believes the key to this effort is a broad-based leveraging of integration and automation.

We’ve outlined the opportunities to MSPs in deploying broader suites of cyber protection services as well and tactics to address the accompanying integration challenges in a new white paper titled The Five Levels of MSP Platform Integration. Here’s a brief preview.

World Cyber Protection Week Survey Reveals Most IT Pros Back up Their Data – But Still Can’t Sleep at Night

As we near the end of World Cyber Protection Week – a natural (and necessary) extension of World Backup Day – we’re zero-ing in on what our 2020 survey of IT pros worldwide revealed when it comes to their experiences with data loss and protection today. We wanted to know their current thinking about and approach to keeping data and systems safe, accessible, private, authentic, and secure (SAPAS) today. And the results are revealing for our service provider partners too, shedding light on what their clients are particularly concerned with – and investing in – when it comes to protection today.

Here’s a quick look at how these pros approach data protection, what’s keeping them up at night given the current threat landscape, and what can be done so they can rest easier.