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  • Acronis detects spike in malware attacks during coronavirus pandemic

No one needs a reminder of the enormous toll that the COVID-19 pandemic is inflicting on lives around the globe. It is affecting our physical and mental health, our economic prospects, and our connections to our loved ones.

But two months ago Acronis predicted a lesser-known side effect of the contagion: a flood of new cyberattacks committed by criminals who see financial opportunity in the confusion, fear, and drastically new work habits that the pandemic has thrust upon much of the world.

Now our global network of Acronis Cyber Protection Operations Centers has detected a spike in malware attacks that confirm those concerns.


We've renamed many of our products to highlight the comprehensive future of cyber protection

In the wake of the Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2019, there’s been a lot of excitement, as well as some changes at Acronis that have prompted questions from customers, resellers, and our managed service provider (MSP) partners. Most notably, they want to know “Why has Acronis changed the names of your products?”

It’s true. During the past month, we’ve been updating the names of nearly all of our solutions to include the word “cyber” – and the addition has caught many people by surprise.

So what’s the reasoning behind the change?