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The Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe

Every year we create more data than the year before. If you can believe it, 90 percent of the data in the world today was created in the last two years alone. IBM has estimated that our current daily creation rate is 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. IDC projects that the digital universe will reach 40 zettabytes (ZB) by 2020, which is 50 times larger than the digital universe at the beginning of 2010.

The Pros of Pajama-Pant Shopping

It’s here. the moment we’ve all been waiting for. No not that second of elation as the in-laws finally pull out of your driveway. Nor the serene happiness you feel once your mother and her sisters cease their high-pitched yacking.

It’s Black Friday.

I will admit that I’ve never participated in a Black Friday. It’s not just Black Friday—I laugh quite loudly when I drive past anyone camping outside of stores. I mean, they gotta have homes right? I have just never caught the bug to drive our economy and encourage violence in a flurry of sales.


That being said—I can get behind shopping from my bed. Even better is when I don’t have some sales guy giving me his pitch and rushing me in my selection, or when I can evaluate reviews and comments. That’s why the Cyber Monday trend, and even better Cyber Week, make sense.  1) There’s less violence; 2) You can shop in your pajama pants 3) I actually can evaluate if a sale is a sale.

4 and a Half Tips for the Best Cyber Week Shopping

I know you’ve been waiting for this. You barely slept in August, could hardly eat in September and didn’t really go out in November. And now it’s here and you are a little bit scared. What if everything doesn’t go as planned? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Just follow my 4 and a half tips to maximize your Cyber Week Shopping experience and enjoy.


1. Get Prepared

This basically means do your research and stay organized. The ideal scenario is to make a list of the online retailers that are having sales during Cyber Week. The less than ideal scenario is scrambling for 3 minutes, Googling stuff that you wanted 5 minutes before Cyber Week ends. 


2. Get your holiday wish list

We often find ourselves confused and lost in this trendy innovative computing world.  We use new words, technologies and “innovation” to make computing life much more difficult than it has to be. This was my thought when I started a set of blog posts simply describing new computing trends and technologies. Here is another technology that I would like to simplify – Migration to Dissimilar Hardware.

Something that happened to me recently and may probably happen to any car driver – the Check Engine light came on suggesting a service checkup. There are lots of things that you’d be happy to hear from the mechanic in this situation – something like “The gas cap was loose” or “The wire fell off”. But what happens if it is an overheated or seized engine, something non-repairable or imminent to fail? 

Simple Backup for Busy People

Storage can be an embarrassment of riches these days. You take pictures and have them stored on Picasa or Flickr or Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. You have Powerpoints spread across Skydrive and Google Docs and Dropbox and Slideshare. Then you have your resume on LinkedIn and maybe Monster or Dice. And you have all sorts of web pages stored on Evernote and Dropbox and probably a bunch of them in your mail. And you may have scanned a number of important papers, passports, credit card numbers, and have them tucked away in a few places too. And my tunes, I may be able to reload some of them, but I have a large collection of tunes I would hate to lose. Oh, movies too. And originals of some youtubes I have uploaded. I have a lot of stuff now that I think of it. Oh, my financial records and tax documents. And health records. I really have a lot of documents these days.