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5 Things you Don't Want To Do at VMworld

Next week we will be at VMworld in Barcelona. You will be there to learn what’s new and to find out how to do your job faster, better, and cheaper.

So I thought I would help you on your quest for perfect IT. I’m not going to tell you what to do though, I will tell you what you may not want to do at VMworld Barcelona.

1. Don't sleep

There just is not enough time for that. The show floor is exciting with many vendors to speak with. The sessions are really helpful. And, by the way, Barcelona is a great city. And you can sleep when you get back home

2. Don't be afraid to speak with people 

What Backup Vendors Don’t Tell You: Virtual Machine Backup is Not Complete

Solutions are developed to address problems. The bigger people think something is a problem, the more demand there is for a solution. That is why the majority of marketing materials out there are built around educating their target audience about a pain point, and offering a solution. This is how we learned that we need to freshen our mouths with chewing gums, protect computers from malware with antiviruses or backup data to ensure recovery after a server crash. However, no company will talk about problems they don’t have solutions for, and, in the backup world, it means that there may be risks you’re not aware of, and consequently, not protected from.