Acronis Cyberthreats Report: 2021 will be the “Year of Extortion”

They say those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it – and no one wants to repeat 2020. That’s why, as the end of the year approaches, the experts at our global network of Acronis Cyber Protection Operations Centers (CPOCs) have gathered their research, findings, and observations from the past year to create the Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2020.

Designed to help our customers and partners stay informed, the report is based on the authors’ analysis of attack and threat data collected by our CPOCs, which monitor and research cyberthreats 24/7. Malware data was collected by more than 100,000 unique endpoints around the world.

The full report provides insights into the top security/threat trends of 2020, reviews malware families and ransomware’s most dangerous groups, and identifies the vulnerabilities that enabled the most successful attacks -- and projects the greatest cyberthreats we can expect in 2021.

New update adds vulnerability assessments to Acronis True Image

Our commitment to keeping users protected means enhancing Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions with the capabilities needed to keep their system, device data, and backups secure from the latest threats. That’s why today, we’re releasing an update to Acronis True Image that adds a new vulnerability assessment tool to close the gaps in their system’s security, as well as an enhanced antiransomware engine and improved disk cloning capabilities for Windows machines.

Acronis True Image earns VB100 certification

Virus Bulletin has released the results of its October 2020 certification tests of cybersecurity solutions and in its first time being included in the independent test, Acronis True Image 2021 delivered a near perfect performance – stopping 99.9% of the threats without interrupting legitimate programs.

With more people working from home, the number of cyberattacks has grown exponentially – and today’s malware continues to target backups to prevent a safe recovery. Knowing that you can trust your cyber protection solution to stop the latest cyberthreats is critical.

By earning VB100 certification, Acronis True Image proves that individuals, prosumers, and home office users can rest easy knowing that their device data and backups are protected against even the newest cyberthreats.

Acronis antimalware in ICSA Labs September certification: 100% detection rate

Being “good enough” is never enough when it comes to safeguarding your data, endpoints, and workloads. To stand up to ever-changing threats, the strategies and solutions you rely on for data protection and cybersecurity need to keep evolving too.

Given the constantly changing cyberthreat landscape, Acronis is constantly enhancing our cybersecurity technologies to improve the detection rate and overall performance. The most recent efforts clearly paid off in the September round, as Acronis Cyber Protect scored a perfect 100% in all of the tests done by this respected certification laboratory.

Let’s take a look at the latest results.

31% of companies are attacked by cybercriminals every day

The COVID pandemic threw the strengths and weaknesses of organizational IT stacks into sharp relief. Now – half a year after most offices closed and work transitioned to remote work environments – we’re taking a look back at how businesses around the world performed through the sudden, dramatic shift.

To do that, we surveyed more than 3,000 remote workers and IT managers around the world about their experiences both during and following the migration to remote work environments in our first Acronis Cyber Readiness Report.

Learn how IT teams at organizations worldwide led their organizations through the unexpected, navigated a sudden jump in environment and security complexity, and how your team can stay prepared for the next challenges that are in store with this report deep-dive.

SunCrypt adopts attacking techniques from NetWalker and Maze ransomware

The SunCrypt ransomware family was first spotted in October 2019, but it was not very active at that time. The group behind it was independent in the beginning, but they recently joined the so-called Maze cartel – combining forces to rob individuals and companies around the world. This cartel included Maze and LockBit when it first started, but later welcomed Ragnar Locker and now SunCrypt.

The Acronis Security Team provides an in-depth analysis of the SunCrypt threat.

Acronis Cyber Readiness Report: Pandemic reveals cybersecurity gaps, need for new solutions

The newly released Acronis Cyber Readiness Report reveals that organizations continue to struggle to protect their data and infrastructure against the new challenges of the remote work landscape. It also also underscored how new solutions are required – with 92% of surveyed companies reporting they had to adopt new technologies to enable remote work, including workplace collaboration tools, privacy solutions, and endpoint cybersecurity.

That revelation that modern cyber protection solutions are needed comes on the same day that Acronis Cyber Protect 15, which addresses the concerns revealed in the report, is released for general availability.

All-encompassing tragedy prevention: Reviews for Acronis True Image 2021

Last week’s release of Acronis True Image 2021 has certainly been well-received by the individuals, prosumers, and small businesses looking for cyber protection – and that’s the true measure of success for our team.

Yet it was also good to see that the new release made some good impressions on the analysts and media outlets that follow the personal and small business software and cybersecurity industries. As the first truly comprehensive personal cyber protection solution – integrating advanced cybersecurity with our best-of-breed backup – we knew it would generate some interest.

Considering how many over-hyped pitches these industry observers regularly get, it’s been refreshing to see them recognize the revolutionary nature of this release.

AV-TEST examines Acronis True Image 2021 integrated antimalware

When Acronis created the concept of cyber protection – the integration of reliable backups and effective cybersecurity – it was because we saw how hackers were creating more sophisticated attacks that start by corrupting backup software, disabling backup agents, and altering backup files.

We knew then that backup without antimalware is no longer sufficient because it couldn’t keep the data protected.

Acronis True Image 2021: The first complete personal cyber protection solution

In today’s digital world, you can lose data in any number of ways. You can accidentally delete something you need. Your hard drive can fail. And now there’s a never-ending array of malware threats that usually start their attacks by targeting your backups so you have no way to recover. And, until now, there hasn’t been a single solution that addressed it all.

With today’s release of Acronis True Image 2021, that all changes. That’s because the new Acronis True Image integrates advanced cybersecurity capabilities with our best-of-breed personal backup.

The result is the world’s first complete personal cyber protection solution – purpose-built to make protection easier to manage and more affordable, while greatly improving the security of data and devices.