OSAMiner: The Apple cryptojacker that hid for five years

While OSAMiner has been around since 2015, and known since at least 2018, a newly discovered version of OSAMiner has remained hidden from researchers by cleverly concealing one run-only AppleScript inside of another run-only AppleScript. Run-only scripts do not contain human-readablez code and are notoriously difficult to fully decompile. Some IoCs have been able to be identified in these campaigns but a full analysis was not previously available, leaving some of the critical files in these campaigns lurking in the dark. This has changed with a couple of recently developed tools to aid in decompiling AppleScripts.

Using these tools, we can now get a better view at the internals of the files in this cryptojacking campaign, as well as a broader view of the files associated with the malware.

4 Easy Steps to Keep Your Mac Users Productive

For many marketing and creative professionals, preferred design tools are available exclusively on Macs. As a result, for these team members to deliver your web pages, online publications, print assets, and social media campaigns, they require Macs – no matter how Windows-based the rest of your IT environment is.

Yet IT professionals who work in modern, heterogeneous environments know that having multiple platforms in play can lead to inconsistent and insecure user experiences. You’ve probably heard all of the common complaints from Mac users:

Using Macs in the Workplace? Make the Move to El Capitan Beautiful

Apple promises lots of new features in its latest release of OS X El Capitan, including improved enhancements for Spotlight searches, new editing tools and the ability to manage multiple email threads. Just check out the quote included in Apple’s press release, reminding us that El Capitan is here:

“People love using their Macs, and one of the biggest reasons is the power and ease-of-use of OS X,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “El Capitan refines the Mac experience and improves performance in a lot of little ways that make a very big difference."