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World Backup Day 2018 - Survey Results

As the end of March approaches, it means World Backup Day is near – the annual reminder that if we don’t want to look the fool after data loss, we need to create secure backups.

Acronis conducts a global consumer survey each year leading up to the World Backup Day celebration, to gauge the attitudes, habits and knowledge of the general public. The findings were both eye-opening and contradictory.

Atlanta ransomware attack

Late Thursday, Atlanta, Georgia was hit by a ransomware attack that ended up infecting multiple applications and devices, crippling the city’s municipal computer system. As city employees arrived at work on Friday, they were each handed a flyer telling them not to turn on their computer until the IT department had cleared their systems.

In the meantime, cybercriminals were demanding $51,000 in bitcoin to return access to the ATL.

The Atlanta attack is just the latest high-profile ransomware attack that should prompt everyone to review their data protection strategy – because given how fast the threat from ransomware is evolving, old defenses are proving less effective against the new threats.

NioGuard finds Acronis Backup Most Secure Business Backup

For companies of all sizes, business backup software is an essential part of their security strategy. Financial, technical, and legal documents, as well as other working materials, form the basis of every business operation and must be protected. If these documents disappeared for any reason, a company would have to deal with big financial losses, if it survived at all.

Every business tries to avoid that kind of data loss, which is why a backup strategy can be found in nearly every organization. While a broad backup plan is good, it is becoming increasingly important to have secure backup software working for you ... and a recent test by independent testing lab Nioguard helps to show why.

HDDs vs SSDs

Solid-state drives (SSDs) have solved many of the problems that have historically plagued hard-disk drives (HDDs), particularly when it comes to sudden mechanical failures and longevity. In fact according to tests of a Samsung 850 Evo, the official estimates show that if you write 20GB on it every day, this SSD will last for up to 187 years.

Can SSDs really replace HDDs? Let’s not forget, HDDs are first introduced in 1956 by IBM, more than 60 years ago. So let’s look and see if SSDs are as reliable as they are advertised.

Tales from the Cryptolocker – An Almost Scary IT Story

It was a dark and stormy afternoon. IT administrator John was shaking, nervously traversing the dark corridors of his normally familiar office. He’s trembling in the sight of moving shadows, squeaking office doors and abnormally pale, almost ghoulish faces inside dark rooms of various company departments and offices.

He was in a rush to help Jane with her innocuous problem – “My PC does not work!” – that she just reported. To John, it sounded just like hundreds of other IT issues that he has resolved over his illustrious IT admin career.

But, Jane’s face was pale and she looked scared. And, that’s not even what really concerned John. It was the huge FBI logo on Jane’s PC screen, next to a timer counting down, and something about paying money that got John’s attention.

“I only want some of my data on my computer protected. I don’t need everything protected”
….said no one ever!

When it comes to backup, you have two options:
1.    Back up the individual files that you store on your computer or
2.    Backup a snapshot or image of the entire system or disk

Let’s compare and contrast the two options.

WORLD BACKUP DAY - 7 Ways to Lose Your Data!

True or False:

  • I do not need to backup my PC or Mac because I have anti-virus software.
  • Your Answer: _______
  • The correct response is:  False - and here is why.

Every PC and Mac user should install anti-virus (AV) software. It is an important security measure that protects your data and system from viruses and hacker attacks. However, it will not protect your computer from the other SEVEN ways you can lose your data:
1.    Hardware failure
2.    User errors
3.    Loss or theft of a device
4.    Natural disaster
5.    Accidents
6.    Software errors
7.    Problems you may encounter when upgrading or updating your software

Acronis True Image 2014 Rated 5 Stars from the Experts at Expert Reviews

Did you know that every 53 seconds a laptop is stolen? Or that 30 percent of data loss is caused by human error and 1,000 damaging earthquakes happen every year worldwide?

If you did then you should know how important it is to backup your digital files. As we increasingly create more photos, music, videos, e-mails, and documents, it’s essential that we protect them and to make sure we have a complete system image backup of our PC in addition to protecting the device from physical damage.