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MSPs Can Leverage the Power of Platform Integration

The typical managed service provider (MSP) faces a daunting array of obstacles to building a successful, sustainable and profitable business. To meet these challenges, MSPs must squeeze efficiencies out of their existing tech infrastructure and staff – even as they add new services. Acronis believes the key to this effort is a broad-based leveraging of integration and automation.

We’ve outlined the opportunities to MSPs in deploying broader suites of cyber protection services as well and tactics to address the accompanying integration challenges in a new white paper titled The Five Levels of MSP Platform Integration. Here’s a brief preview.

Acronis Acquires 5nine

This week Acronis acquired 5nine, which means Acronis Cyber Platform users and those using Acronis Cyber Cloud will gain unified cloud management and new security tools from the noted Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure cloud management and security provider. Explore how these new capabilities will extend the reach of our cyber protection solutions and what they mean for your organization’s efforts to get #CyberFit.

5 Keys to Getting More from Your IT Budget

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Acronis Backup Advanced
Big Data has helped companies ‘do more with less’, but it has also put a strain on infrastructure. How can you cope when your budget remains flat? With help from Acronis. Discover the top five reasons why businesses rely on Acronis Backup Advanced.