31% of companies are attacked by cybercriminals every day

The COVID pandemic threw the strengths and weaknesses of organizational IT stacks into sharp relief. Now – half a year after most offices closed and work transitioned to remote work environments – we’re taking a look back at how businesses around the world performed through the sudden, dramatic shift.

To do that, we surveyed more than 3,000 remote workers and IT managers around the world about their experiences both during and following the migration to remote work environments in our first Acronis Cyber Readiness Report.

Learn how IT teams at organizations worldwide led their organizations through the unexpected, navigated a sudden jump in environment and security complexity, and how your team can stay prepared for the next challenges that are in store with this report deep-dive.

88% of employees want to maintain some level of remote work

Six months ago the COVID pandemic drove a mass migration from offices to remote work environments. That shift led to major changes for organizations and employees as security, connectivity, and support needs spread overnight.

To determine how businesses were able to cope with this migration to remote work environments – and where their people, processes, and tech wasn’t up for the task – we surveyed more than 3,000 remote workers and IT managers around the world.

Hear how remote workers experienced this shift, how their views on in-office work have changed, and how your organization can prepare for the future of remote work with the 2020 Acronis Cyber Readiness Report deep-dive.