Cyber Protection Week

Develop better cyber protection in 2021

While leaving legacy IT solutions and approached behind can be daunting it’s essential to modern cyber protection.

To help individuals, organizations, and service providers looking to modernize their cyber protection after this year’s Cyber Protection Week, we’re recommending five initial steps to help make the transition to modern cyber protection easier and more affordable.

Acronis Cyber Protection Week 2021 infographic

Traditional backup and cybersecurity solutions can’t fully protect modern data and devices. Data loss is on the rise for individual IT users and IT professionals because outdated solutions are being applied to today’s cyberthreats.

It’s time to rethink how you approach cyber protection. Check out how to get started with this infographic.


MSPs guiding businesses toward better cyber protection

Our Cyber Protection Week Global Report shows that organizations are still grappling with the changes sparked by COVID and the modern cyberthreat landscape. They’re aware of the challenges facing them but their strategies to overcome them simply aren’t working.

For IT service providers offering modern cyber protection solutions, these findings represent a significant opportunity to deliver more reliable, comprehensive, and effective protection and unlock expanded revenue streams along the way.

Cyber Protection Week top takeaways

Everyone in the world relies on data – from students attending classes on Zoom to MSPs managing the IT needs of dozens of different companies. But their experiences, concerns, and priorities when it comes to technology are uniquely their own.

Today, we’re recognizing three of these distinct perspectives: sharing the most important takeaways from the 2021 Acronis Cyber Protection Week Global Report for personal IT users, end-user IT professionals, and professional IT service providers.

Acronis Cyber Protection Week 2021

This Cyber Protection Week – March 29 through April 2 – individuals and organizations around the globe have experienced changes they couldn’t have planned for. Along the way, many found that the solutions they had in place weren’t enough to keep the data they rely on protected.

It’s time to rethink how we protect data, applications, and systems. And to do that, we surveyed 4,400 personal IT users and IT professionals from around the world, collected their unique experiences and concerns to create the inaugural Cyber Protection Week Global Report.

World Cyber Protection Week Survey Reveals Most IT Pros Back up Their Data – But Still Can’t Sleep at Night

As we near the end of World Cyber Protection Week – a natural (and necessary) extension of World Backup Day – we’re zero-ing in on what our 2020 survey of IT pros worldwide revealed when it comes to their experiences with data loss and protection today. We wanted to know their current thinking about and approach to keeping data and systems safe, accessible, private, authentic, and secure (SAPAS) today. And the results are revealing for our service provider partners too, shedding light on what their clients are particularly concerned with – and investing in – when it comes to protection today.

Here’s a quick look at how these pros approach data protection, what’s keeping them up at night given the current threat landscape, and what can be done so they can rest easier.