Cyber Week

The Pros of Pajama-Pant Shopping

It’s here. the moment we’ve all been waiting for. No not that second of elation as the in-laws finally pull out of your driveway. Nor the serene happiness you feel once your mother and her sisters cease their high-pitched yacking.

It’s Black Friday.

I will admit that I’ve never participated in a Black Friday. It’s not just Black Friday—I laugh quite loudly when I drive past anyone camping outside of stores. I mean, they gotta have homes right? I have just never caught the bug to drive our economy and encourage violence in a flurry of sales.


That being said—I can get behind shopping from my bed. Even better is when I don’t have some sales guy giving me his pitch and rushing me in my selection, or when I can evaluate reviews and comments. That’s why the Cyber Monday trend, and even better Cyber Week, make sense.  1) There’s less violence; 2) You can shop in your pajama pants 3) I actually can evaluate if a sale is a sale.

4 and a Half Tips for the Best Cyber Week Shopping

I know you’ve been waiting for this. You barely slept in August, could hardly eat in September and didn’t really go out in November. And now it’s here and you are a little bit scared. What if everything doesn’t go as planned? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Just follow my 4 and a half tips to maximize your Cyber Week Shopping experience and enjoy.


1. Get Prepared

This basically means do your research and stay organized. The ideal scenario is to make a list of the online retailers that are having sales during Cyber Week. The less than ideal scenario is scrambling for 3 minutes, Googling stuff that you wanted 5 minutes before Cyber Week ends. 


2. Get your holiday wish list